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All Netflix releases for the month of April: series and movies


The novelties of the month of April look very good. Do not miss them! Surely there is something that hooks you.

All Netflix releases for the month of April: series and movies
April comes loaded with news with Netflix

Netflix is ​​always the most prolific when it comes to launching its news. It has many studios working for her and is also capable of attracting talent from virtually all over the world. Thus, the news and premieres of Netflix for the month of April are led by a series similar to “The Last of Us”hence things look really good and it is going to be a month in which we are not exactly going to get bored.

These are all the news on Netflix in April

This April we will have a bit of everything. It is clear that the most important series will arrive at the end of the month with “Sweeth Tooth: The Deer Boy”. But there are a lot of series so there is always something that can be adapted to you. If you like the Love’s stories there is for you, while there is also film noir and even music documentaries.


  • The signature – April 4
  • My Name Is Mo’Nique – April 4
  • Anger – April 6
  • Transatlantic – April 7
  • So far so good – April 7
  • The mother-in-law who gave birth to you – April 12
  • A Florida man – April 13
  • Queenmaker – April 14
  • How to Amass a Fortune – April 18
  • Chimpanzee Empire – April 19
  • Welcome to Eden – April 21
  • Love after love – April 26
  • The Nurse – April 27
  • Sweet Tooth: The Deer Boy – April 27


  • Now – April 5
  • Lewis Capaldi: How I Feel – April 6
  • Sucks – April 7
  • Ah, Belinda – April 7
  • Hunger – April 8
  • Phenomena – April 14
  • Seven Kings Must Die – April 14
  • Escape of Queens – April 14
  • Mighty Power Morphin – April 18
  • Rangers: Yesterday, Today and Forever – April 19
  • With the noose around his neck – April 21
  • Travel guide to love – April 27

The best series and movies that are coming in April with Netflix

Sweet Tooth: The Deer Boy – April 27

One of the Post-apocalyptic Netflix series most famous has a new season. The series tells us the story of a deer boy who hangs out with other mutant kids and is led by a man. In general, save many parallels with “The Last of Us”but Sweet Tooth is a series that works by itself and that already has a good run behind it. It is based on a comic of the same name. It’s clearly the best series that is going to be released in the month of aprilbut it is also one of the most interesting novelties for the year in general, something to take into account.

You will like this series if:

  • You liked “The Last of Us.”
  • You’re very into post-apocalyptic movies.
  • You want a simple but not sloppy story.
  • You are looking for a careful series with high production values.

Watch “Sweet Tooth” and Netflix

Seven Kings Must Die – April 14

England has fragmented into the historical period known as the “Heptarchy.” A time when dominated the panorama of the south of the seven kings island. Thus, Uhtred’s group from Bebbanburg must try to rebuild the remains of the country and unify it. It will not be an easy task, since the power relations of Britain are increasingly complicated and there are many favors to be owed between the different kingdoms.

  • You’ve been missing the series “The Last Kingdom” for a long time.
  • Do you like Viking movies?
  • The medieval or early medieval setting is your thing.
  • You like political intrigues.

Watch “Seven Kings Must Die” on Netflix

So far so good – April 7

One of them police series on Netflix that has a lot to contribute to the platform’s catalogue. the protagonist is a female journalist who ends up involving his family in the power game of a dangerous drug dealer. Quickly everything will deteriorate and they will enter a game in which it is difficult to get out alive. The drug series They have carved out an important niche within the platform’s police series.

You will like it if:

  • You like police movies.
  • You are a fan of French series.
  • You are looking for a drama that is very interesting and lacking in fantastic features.

Watch “So Far So Good” on Netflix

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