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all the news of the new version 20.1 stable


The new stable build of Kodi has been dubbed ‘20.1 Nexus’, and it lands now without too many new features but with dozens of fixes and further optimization of the experience.

Kodi is updated: all the news of the new version 20.1 stable
Kodi is a media center for your Android TV and other devices.

There are not many news around Kodi that we see lately, and it is that the multimedia player probably most popular in the entire sphere of decoders never fully recovered from accusations of piracy and the fall of TVAddonsultimately the great star of his once prolific list of accessories.

Be that as it may, the world keeps turning and in this sector the current takes you as soon as you stand still for a few moments, so Kodi creators don’t stop and advertise on their official website the new one release stable of your application, which reaches version 20.1 Nexus already in stable format and with a Change Log well loaded with improvements.

In fact, and it is that despite almost no new featuresThis version arrives correcting the large number of insects reported on build 20.0 Nexus launched last January, with Fundamental improvements in experience and general optimization that most will appreciate without a doubt. Especially those who had serious problems with Kodi 20.0.

Right here you can download it from the Play Store directly, and here the guide to install it without complications!

Download Kodi (Free) | Google Play Store

AND Change Log Packed, though no new features on the front

As you will see, the published changelog It’s absolutely gigantic, so we’re not going to reproduce it in its entirety, but to review the most important optimizations that the Kodi developers have implemented on version 20.1:

  • To begin with, there will no longer be problems of incorrect punctuation in subtitleswhich was one of the most reported bugs about the previous Kodi build.
  • have been fixed too file system problems and corrected the playback of DVD folders through sources connected by network (SMB/NFS/HTTP, …).
  • Another novelty is in the optimization and correction of the audio in Androidin addition to the synchronization of drivers and the resolution of the annoying problem of “keep audio device active” when using streaming with an AVR.
  • It has been optimized context menu behavioralso touch control inputs, as well as an issue affecting the ignored buttons that were not saved.
  • in windows now it will work fine Chorus and also fixed bug what did AMD systems resort to software decoding in small videos.
  • In addition, Python is updated to version 3.11.2 to fix certain bugs with ElementTree and a lot of bugs in android related to plugins that used this python module.

The update is partial based on Kodi 20.0, so the developers claim that it can be installed without apparent problems. In any case, as always, it is best to make a backup copy of our data to avoid possible problemsespecially in an app that requires a large dose of time to configure it to our liking.

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