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Amazon’s display speaker is a can’t-fail purchase


Amazon’s Echo Show 5 is on sale and one of the best options for building your smart home.

I recommend it: Amazon's screen speaker is a can't-fail purchase
The Echo Show 5 on a piece of furniture.

If you are looking for something more than a smart speaker, if you are looking for a device that becomes the control center of your home, you are in luck. I come with a recommendation that also has a discount. The echo show 5 available for 58.99 euros on Amazonalthough only for a limited time. arrive next to fast and free shippingthere are no hitches.

We talk about a device that is usually around 85 euros and that comes along with Alexa, one of the best assistants out there. Its great compatibility will allow you to control all kinds of devices, building a smart home is much easier. If you want to enter the world of home automation this 2nd generation Echo Show 5 is a very wise purchase.

Echo Show 5 (2nd gen.)

Alexa arrives to transform your home

As you have seen in the image that presides over this article, the Echo Show 5 is a speaker with a screen. We met with a 5-inch panel and HD resolution that opens a new world of possibilities and that differentiate it from the rest of its brothers. He even has a front camera for video calls.

Our protagonist is still a speaker, so his sound has been carefully taken care of. It’s more than enough to throw a good party, I assure you, Amazon devices surprise with the forcefulness and clarity of their sound. Put your favorite playlist and enjoy.

Alexa will always be there to answer your questions, but the best way to take advantage of it is to control other devices using only your voice. Do not worry if you have normal household appliances, there are some “magical” plugs that cost just over 10 euros and that will transform any device into a smart device. Pair them with Alexa and you can remotely turn on that old-fashioned light bulb that’s been in the living room for 10 years.

Echo Show 5 (2nd gen.)

Alexa is probably the most compatible virtual assistant on the market. If you want to start building a smart home, this is my recommendation, it will make everything much easier for you. Also, together with this Echo Show it will allow you to easily control other devices and enjoy the best experience.

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