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American and Chinese experts agree on the risks of artificial intelligence


OpenAI CEO Sam Altman said that China should play a key role in shaping the barriers that are being set up around artificial intelligence.

What did he say

“China has some of the best world-class AI talent,” he said during a speech at the Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence (BAAI).

According to Altman, solving the problem of harmonization for advanced technologies requires the participation of “the best minds.” He also expressed his hope that Chinese AI researchers will be directly involved in this.

BAAI Chairman Zhang Hongjiang said experts from China are also deeply concerned about the new possibilities of the technology.

“I really think that [Альтман] is doing humanity a favor by doing this tour, talking to various governments and institutions,” he said.

Zhang said a number of Chinese scientists have signed a letter calling for a halt in the development of powerful AI systems. He added that the BAAI has long focused on the more immediate risks of AI.

What else is known?

Altman is not the only Western AI expert to attend the BAAI conference. Also in attendance were deep learning pioneers Geoffrey Hinton, MIT professor and director of the Future of Life Institute Max Tegmark, and AI godfather Yann LeCun.

Source: Wired

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