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An Oscar winner has recorded a short using a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra


Samsung has enlisted the services of an Oscar-winning film director to create a short filmed entirely with a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

An Oscar winner has recorded a short using a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has been used to shoot a short.

Apple has long partnered with film directors to try to generate interest on the capabilities of their iPhone cameras. Last year Samsung entered the film competition with the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, which was used by filmmaker Joe Wright to film a short.

Now, as Samsung itself has revealed in a trailer on YouTube, the company has recruited the services of Oscar-winning filmmaker Charlie Kaufman to shoot a short using a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. To this we must add that just yesterday the new 200MP ISOCELL HP2 sensors made by koreans

Jackals & Fireflies, the new short filmed with a Samsung phone

As we said, this short call jackals and fireflies has been directed by director Charlie Kaufman. Kaufman is famous for movies like How to be John Malkovich you Forget about me! and, as we pointed out above, He has shot the short film only with a Samsung phone. We already discussed in our analysis of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra that the section of the cameras was wonderful, and the trailer comes to corroborate it.

Just from the visual aspect that can be seen in the trailer, probably many of us could not conclude that they are images taken with a phone. yes it is really impressive.

jackals and fireflies tells the story of a woman who is undergoing a drastic change in their life. In the trailer you can see several scenes in which the protagonist talks about a person, with piano music playing in the background.

many of the scenes were filmed in dark environments and despite the lack of good lighting, the images look spectacular. However, if you pay a little more attention, you can appreciate the presence of electronic noise. Even so, what we have been able to see visually is great.

No information available about when the short will be released, but it is very likely that it can be seen during the presentation of the new Samsung Galaxy S23 on February 1.

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