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Anonymous Sudan hackers increase SAS ransom by 50 times


Anonymous Sudan hackers increase SAS ransom by 50 times

Cybercriminals promise to demand millions of dollars and destroy the company completely.

grouping Anonymous Sudanwhich recently attacked Scandinavian Airlines (SAS), increased its ransom demands by 50 times because SAS failed to comply with the hackers’ demands.

May 24 the attackers disabled the SAS website and application , depriving the company’s customers of the opportunity to purchase airline tickets and print boarding passes. The SAS flight booking and management website ( has been down for almost 22 hours at the moment.

On May 25, Anonymous Sudan decided to increase the ransom 50 times from $3,500 to $175,000. The hackers said they would continue the attack for as long as it took until the main airline in Sweden, Denmark and Norway paid.

“We will continue to increase the amount and suspend your service during the day. The more you delay payment, the more the ransom will increase. For us it doesn’t matter.

The choice is yours, don’t underestimate our strength because it’s only a matter of time before we ask for millions and you’ll see your company collapse before your very eyes.” declared cybercriminals in their Telegram channel.

On May 24, SAS customers started complaining that they couldn’t access the airline’s website. On the same day Anonymous Sudan announced a cyber attack in her Telegram channel . The group then demanded a ransom of $3,500 to stop the attack. The group gave SAS 1 hour to “negotiate” with the Anonymous Sudan Telegram bot. Otherwise, hackers will continue to attack throughout the day, and also publish company data.

We previously reported that in February Anonymous Sudan attacked SAS . The cyberattack caused some failure in the airline’s online system, as a result of which the data about some passengers became visible to others. This data included contact information, previous and upcoming flights, and the last four digits of the customer’s bank card number. Of course, if other people’s data was visible to users, hackers also got access to them.

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