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Anonymous Sudan hacktivists say they stole the data of 30 million of the company’s customers


Microsoft at the center of scandal: Anonymous Sudan hacktivists claim to have stolen data from 30 million of the company’s customers

Officials claim there was no break-in, but who is telling the truth?

Hacktivist group Sudan Anonymous claims to have hacked servers Microsoft and stole the data of 30 million client accounts. However, the company itself denies these statements and says that there were no data leaks in reality. Who to believe?

grouping “Anonymous Sudan” known for its powerful DDoS-attacks against Western organizations in recent months. The group also confirmed its connection with another infamous cybercriminal group called kill net.

Microsoft last month acknowledged that Sudan Anonymous was indeed responsible for the disruption of several of its services, including Azure, Outlook and OneDrive.

Yesterday, the hacktivists went even further and proudly announced that they “successfully hacked Microsoft” and “gained access to a large database containing more than 30 million Microsoft accounts, emails and passwords.”

Anonymous Sudan offered to sell this database to interested parties for $50,000 and encouraged potential buyers to contact their bot at Telegram to organize the purchase of data. The post also presented a sample of data (allegedly stolen from Microsoft) as evidence of a hack and a warning that Microsoft would deny the claims.

The group provided 100 login/password pairs, but their origin could not be confirmed as they could be old data, the result of a security breach at a third party service provider, etc.

Representatives of the company categorically deny any claims of data leakage. “We have not seen any evidence that our customer data has been accessed or compromised,” Microsoft said.

It is not yet clear if Microsoft’s investigation is complete or if it is still ongoing. We will closely monitor the situation. Perhaps Microsoft does not take into account something, or they simply do not agree. The secret will come out when Sudan Anonymous sells or releases allegedly stolen data.

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