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Apple stops wrapping products you buy as gifts


Apple abandons one of the most iconic options when you bought in its online store.

Apple stops wrapping products you buy as gifts
It’s over: Apple will stop wrapping its products

So far, when you shop at the apple store online you were given the option to engrave the product on the back or to gift wrap it. By choosing the second option, the product came in its usual white box, but with a different touch: Inside a new box and a red band. This option has recently changed.

Recently, the bitten apple company has stopped including this option when making a purchase in the Apple Store online with which the products that we buy as gifts will no longer be wrapped. That is to say, they will no longer be wrapped with the red band or placed in a box as distinctive as it was until recently.

Apple no longer offers the option to wrap products you buy as gifts in the online Apple Store

Although the gift wrapping option had an additional cost, Apple has stopped doing it, so if you miss that option when buying a product in the company’s online store, this is why. so now there will be no more boxes with a red band and a message card. Something that has been very iconic, especially in the Christmas campaign.

As we have pointed out at the beginning, when you buy in the Apple Store online there was not only the option of wrapping the product, also the possibility of including a small card with a message. This option is still available and has no cost, so if you want to have a detail with someone, it is a good alternative.

wrap apple treats

Gift wrapping option in the App Store Online

In addition, the option of engrave products. With this option we can give a distinctive touch to the devices by engraving our initials on them. Some products that can be recorded something are AirPods or Apple Pencil, among others.

not provided no information about this change, but knowing Apple it could well be another of its measures to take care of the environment with the aim of reaching zero emissions by the year 2030. A pity that this option has disappeared, since it was a very original way of giving away an Apple product.

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