Home SECURITY Genesis Market darknet marketplace sold to unknown buyer

Genesis Market darknet marketplace sold to unknown buyer

Genesis Market darknet marketplace sold to unknown buyer


Hacker and law: Genesis Market darknet marketplace sold to unknown buyer

The administration of the Genesis Market in an unusual way managed to slip out of the hands of the FBI and circumvent US sanctions.

Despite the active actions of the FBI aimed at the liquidation and confiscation of key domains and infrastructure Genesis Market in April 2023 , the successful sale of the platform appears to have taken place. The criminal gang behind Genesis Market has announced that the platform has been sold to an unknown buyer.

A few months ago, on April 4, during an international law enforcement operation led by the FBI one of the most significant among cybercriminals was captured trading platforms Genesis Market. All 3 site domains were included in the US Department of the Treasury sanctions list, which listed Genesis Market as based in Russia, along with the Genesis Market .onion site.

In the first few days after the FBI raid, one of the Genesis Market operators tried to allay user concerns by claiming that the FBI had only confiscated public web domains and that the darknet version of the market was still anonymous and secure. However, the darknet version of the site criminals do not dare to use because of fears that she is still controlled by the FBI, and everything that happens is just a big bluff.

At the end of June Genesis Market was presented for sale on a hacker forum along with the source code and database. An attempt by operators to sell the site has caused skepticism in the cybersecurity community. Experts speculated that the announcement could have been part of an FBI sting operation.

Platform Sale Announcement Genesis Store

Information about the sale of Genesis Market became known when an account called GenesisStore, formerly associated with the platform administration, posted a related announcement on the Exploit forum.

The account message stated that a buyer had been found and the deposit had already been made. The transfer of the platform to the new owner is scheduled for next month. It is worth noting that the deal does not include existing user accounts.

Post a sale on the forum

Despite the bad reputation, the sale of Genesis Market caused astonishment in the cybersecurity community. Some experts suggest that the platform operators could independently organize the sale in order to rebrand and break ties with the authorized object. There were doubts about the reality of the sale, given the deteriorating position of the platform and the possible legal consequences that potential buyers can expect.

Genesis Market, which functioned as a one-stop-shop for criminals, sold both stolen credentials and the tools to use those credentials, and has been linked to millions of cyber-theft incidents around the world, ranging from scams to ransomware attacks. Law enforcement believes Genesis Market administrators have earned more than $8.7 million since the site was founded in 2018.

The operation to take down the Genesis Market and identify the administrators is called Operation Cookie Monster. IN operation 119 arrests, 208 searches and interrogations were made in 15 different countries. According to officials, Operation Cookie Monster is “the largest operation to identify sellers and buyers of stolen credentials that law enforcement has ever conducted.


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