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a new role for AI in finding a life partner


Virtual pickup coach: a new role for AI in finding a life partner

34% of young people are willing to use generative tools to make online dating easier.

Artificial intelligence is rapidly changing the landscape of many business areas, and this is quite normal. However, experts are seriously wondering if this modern and popular technology can help someone find true love?

In May we have already told about Karyn Marjorie, a popular blogger in snapchatwho created an AI clone of herself using ChatGPT. A virtual chatbot is able to communicate with users in the form of text correspondence and even voice messages on completely different topics – from simple everyday conversations to enchanting erotic discussions. But the price for communicating with an idol is high: $ 1 per minute, which not everyone can afford, subject to long daily communication.

In addition, full-fledged pick-up trainers based on artificial intelligence have appeared on the network, capable of giving useful advice about communicating with girls, walking, etc. “I know you like parties and noise. But for the first date, I suggest you take her to a quiet place, go for a walk in the park, go to a restaurant or cafe with her or something like that, because she wants you to get to know her better, ”advises pickup chat- bot named Laura.

And just last month, App Store the Teaser AI application appeared, a chatbot in which it is able to independently conduct the initial phase of a conversation in online dating in order to win the favor of the interlocutor. And trends like these are already causing quite healthy skepticism among dating experts — many of them argue that virtual “coaches” will eventually make it even more difficult for people to find a life partner.

One well-known content creator and online dating expert, who wished to remain anonymous, said that the use of these kinds of AI tools should only be seen as an aid to communication, not overused. However, he also expressed his concern about the use of AI as a coach. The risk is that you remove an element of who you really are from your communication. But what happens with further personal communication? What if you can’t maintain the same level of conversation because it didn’t come naturally to you?

Despite the potential risks described above, many single people, especially younger ones, are really interested in some online dating automation. According to report conducted and released Tinder In May of this year, 34% of platform users aged 18 to 25 said they would use AI dating tools if they were available on the app.

Tinder officials declined to comment on future tools the app might bring, but said the company is exploring ways to integrate AI to help users create and design their profiles.

“We don’t want people to start using AI in a way that makes them look like bots. We want to help people pick the right things to say about themselves and therefore only get mutual likes from the right people for them,” Tinder said.

However, Tinder already supports certain AI features, such as a tool to automatically detect potentially offensive messages. Artificial intelligence helps this tool to better understand the context, and not just track banned keywords.

In general, many online dating services express the opinion that in the future they would focus on introducing AI into their services, but would limit themselves to general tips and personal advice, as well as improving user security so that online communication is not limited to correspondence between two AI bots.

Do you think online communication should be real, sincere and natural? Or is it allowed to use some AI tricks to win over the interlocutor?

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