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Apple Watch Can Not Pack a Power Adapter Longer in the Box … Is iPhone 12 Next?

Apple Watch Can Not Pack a Power Adapter Longer in the Box … Is iPhone 12 Next?

We saw the Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE making their much-awaited debut at its ‘Time Flies’ virtual gathering. While the former features blood oxygen monitoring and the latest S6 chip, the latter is a mass market product that is slightly affordable. Both of them can not boast the same collection of features, but there is one thing between the two that will be popular. A power adapter in the box will not be included in any of the new Apple Watches.

Yeah, you’ve heard it correctly. The company won’t bundle the Apple Watch with the standard 5W power adapter. All you’ll get is a magnetic charging cable that you can either plug into an existing adapter or a USB port on your PC to charge your Apple Watch. Why did Apple decide not to sell a simple thing in the box as a power adaptor?

The company supports its decision to remove the power adapter from the Apple Watch box by saying it will help them to follow their environmental sustainability objectives. By 2030, Apple aims to be carbon-free and this is one of the steps it has taken to ensure that its carbon footprint falls on the manufacturing front.

Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 3, and Apple Watch Nike (not only the latest variants) do not have a power adapter as part of our attempts to achieve our environmental objectives. Please use your current Apple Watch power adapter before checking out, or add a new one, “says the product page.

This Apple decision is enough to further spark the fire that the iPhone 12 lineup also won’t have a power adapter within the case. Recently, there have been reports that Apple plans not to bundle accessories in the box, both the adapter and the earbuds. Well, the rumoured reasons fit with the rationale from Apple that it revealed at the case. Most Apple users already have the lightning adapter available and the new charger would only add more to the clutter and environmental waste.

The Cupertino giant is not mistaken to assume that the power adapter is definitely an ubiquitous accessory for Apple users. Most of them would have a 5W power adapter that runs slowly, though some may have upgraded to an 18W USB-C power adapter. Although, it most likely seems the simple models of the iPhone 12 won’t bundle a power adapter in the box. You can spend $19 on the 5W adapter, and $29 on the 18W adapter, of course. There are also reports that there is a 20W fast-charger in the works too.

However, this will cause joke and threats to be thrown at Apple as the company now seems to be ‘building a trillion-dollar empire’ on the back of accessories sales. When Apple announces the elimination of power adapters from the iPhone 12 series package, much like the Apple Watch, it will be important to see the customer reaction.


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