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Bacon Time comes with a new logo and a 6th anniversary sex year event.


Monday, January 16, 2023 at 12:38:37 PM, Indochina time

On Friday, January 13, 2023, it was the 6th anniversary of the top RoV team from Thailand like Bacon Time by the Pink Pig team. Win up to 3 championships, both RoV Pro League Summer and Winter with the AIC 2022 international championship that the team has been waiting for a long time.

And due to the 6th anniversary, Bacon Time has refreshed the new logo to make it look more colorful and more suitable for all genders and ages. In the past, Bacon Time’s dark piggy logo was pink and white, but in the latest Refresh Logo, the icon piglet will be darker by changing to Hot Pink to celebrate the greatness. Big Bacon Time in the past 2022

Hot Pink is a very hot color these days (if you’re following the street scene) and it shows how strong Bacon Time has grown over the years since the team’s creation. 6 years ago to date Or if you want to compare visually, that is, from a little pig that day to a more powerful pig And when the team’s fans look back, there will be a picture to remember the championship trophy that Bacon Time has already held 6 cups together.

But despite the new logo and how successful they are in 2022, this year, 2023 Bacon Time will show that they are still determined to be strong and push their limits. next season In addition, now the team has prepared a special event prepared to celebrate the 6th anniversary of the team at the Burger King Flagship Store (Ratchada), which can follow the news on the Bacon Time fan page.

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