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be very careful with this date


Troubled times are coming for HBO Max and for those who enjoy the 50% discount offer for life, with the month of April as a date to watch out for.

HBO Max's 4.49 euros might not be forever: be very careful with this date
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Dark clouds hang over the users who enjoy the 50% discount for life from HBO Max. Last August we already talked about the merger with Discovery of Time Warner, HBO’s mother company, could have the end of the discount on the horizon. Last January we talked about the price increase for the service in the USwhat surely would also lead to an increase in Europealthough no details on the discounted prices were given then.

In accordance with information published by Bloomberg the discount could have an imminent end. This all has to do, again, with the merger of Time Warner with Discovery. There are two new plans on the horizon, while other things don’t seem to be changing much.

Will HBO Max honor its word?

It is said that HBO Max will disappear and be reborn as a new service, which will be introduced during the next month of april although the date has not been specified. These plans to present a new streaming service have been underway since the aforementioned business merger. From the company it is believed that the name “HBO” takes away potential customersso the rumors that indicated a name change for the platform gain more strength and meaning.

People close to the company point out that they will be introduced, as we said before, two new plans: a cheaper one supplemented with advertising and a more expensive one that will offer higher video quality and possibly “other features”. About these two plans, the company is still working on them and changes could occur from here to your landing. Otherwise, it appears that the prices for the current ad-free plan will remain the same.

In another order of things, from the middle it stands out that they will soon arrive new reality shows to the platform, which are part of the Discovery+ catalogue. These programs would not be decisive in increasing the subscription price, according to the source.

It seems that HBO Max he’s betting it all to these programs. The CEO of the company, David Zaslav, strongly believes that they will make more people want to pay for the service. Zaslav is also known for reversing company policies that had been untouchable until he took office, meaning HBO’s new form may not honor lifetime discount and, since the service would no longer be the same, it would be perfectly legal.

There is no doubt that the soap opera will continue to develop in the near future. We will be attentive to possible developments that occur and will inform about it when we know them.

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