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They put a Pixel 7a on sale months before its presentation. It costs €1500 and it doesn’t even work


Somehow, a prototype of the Google Pixel 7a has ended up being put up for sale on eBay.

They put a Pixel 7a on sale months before its presentation.  It costs €1500 and it doesn't even work
The Google Pixel 7a has already been leaked on several occasions, even revealing its final design in real images

He Pixel 7a he is on his way to becoming most leaked smartphone of the year. After having been able see its design in great detail and know your more than likely release datenow we have seen how a preview version of the device has been put up for salewhen there are still about two months left for its official presentation.

An eBay seller located in Greece has been commissioned to put the prototype of the Pixel 7a on sale. It has done so by auction, and asks a minimum of 1650 dollars for itabout 1550 euros to change.

Although buying this device, I’m afraid, is not an entirely good idea. And not just because the Pixel 7a It will cost around 500 euros. in the global market according to the latest rumors (which also), but because it is a device prototype which has already been identified and blocked by Google, so it’s currently unusable and you can’t even turn it on. The seller himself acknowledges this, indicating that the terminal is sold “without working or for parts”.

In addition to not going beyond “Fastboot” mode, the Pixel 7a prototype for sale appears to not include a SIM card tray. Otherwise, the seller states that it is in “perfect cosmetic condition” and that “maybe someone in the know can make it work for a collector’s item before it goes on sale.”

Everything seems to indicate that it is a lost unit of Google’s new mid-range smartphone, probably used by a Google employee or some other member who was involved in the development of the product. Those people who want to bid to try to get hold of the device, can do so through the product page on eBay.

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