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Microsoft is unhappy with the CMA’s calculations for the Activ deal. Bliz.


Microsoft is unhappy with the CMA’s calculations for the Activ deal.  Bliz.

Microsoft’s acquisition of Activison Blizard is still in limbo. After gaining support from Nvidia, Nintendo and Valve, the company has been critical of the UK Competition and Market Authority’s (CMA) math.

What is known

The CMA recently released a financial model that reflects the amount of money Microsoft could get by keeping Call of Duty from PlayStation so fans of the franchise would choose Xbox over PlayStation. Microsoft itself claims that the published calculations have many flaws. The CMA model compares profits over a five-year period to losses in just one year, and Microsoft says this “significantly skews the results.”

“Unfortunately, there are clear errors in the numbers used to estimate the small number of Sony customers who might be switching to Xbox in the absence of Call of Duty (CoD). As we’ve always said, any realistic simulation of the true cost of removing CoD from PlayStation players clearly demonstrates “There is absolutely no financial incentive for us to do so. That’s why we’ve repeatedly said we won’t. Our actions demonstrate that we want to bring more games to more people, not fewer,” says Corporate Vice President and Deputy Microsoft General Counsel Rima Alaily to The Verge.

And we recall that Sony also filed its own response to the CMA in which it stated that Microsoft may deliberately sabotage Call of Duty for PlayStationreleasing it with bugs or critical errors at the last level to force players to choose the Xbox.

Source: The Verge

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