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Best free Online SVG Chart generator tools


If you are looking for a free online tool to generate SVG charts, this post will interest you. Here, we will be listing the best free online SVG chart generator websites that allow you to create several types of charts in SVG format.

SVG charts are preferred by designers to generate placeholder charts for their UI and display charts on websites. You can resize them to any size and the clarity and quality of charts are still maintained. There are some other advantages of using SVG charts such as they are amazing on retina displays, interactivity controls and filters can be added, they are small in file size, etc.

Now, using the listed free online chart generator, you can easily create SVG charts of different types. Most of these let you generate a variety of charts including line, bar, area, scatterplot, donut, radar, pie, Venn diagram, and many more. Add your data sets, customize chart properties, create a chart, and save your SVG chart. You can also generate an embed code for the same. Let us check out these tools.

Best free Online SVG Chart generator tools

Here is a list of the best free online SVG chart generator tools using which you can design SVG charts for your websites:

  1. MagicPattern.design
  2. Copyicon.com
  3. ceagon.com
  4. Visual Paradigm
  5. donutsvg.luckyfox.design
  6. ChartBlocks.io
  7. ChartGo.com
  8. codebeautify.org
  9. everviz
  10. Vega
  11. Meta-Chart
  12. rapidtables.com
  13. Plotvar.com
  14. Aspose

1] MagicPattern.design

Best free Online SVG Chart generator tools

MagicPattern.design is a free online SVG chart generator website. It lets you create different types of charts for your datasets and then save them as SVG images. Besides SVG, you can also generate data visualization charts in formats of PNG and JPEG.

How to create an SVG chart using MagicPattern.design?

To start with, go to its website, and then you need to enter your input dataset. Simply press the Import Real Data button and then enter the data values using the given instructions. Once done, click on the Import Data button and it will create a respective graph.

Now, you can start customizing your chart by selecting the chart type. It supports two types of graphs that include Line and Bar. After that, you can edit various parameters including slope, show/ hide points, color, number of points, smoothness, stroke width, etc.

Once done customizing the chart appearance and other properties, you can save it in SVG format. For that, click on the Export button and select the SVG format. You can also choose dimensions compatible with different social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Lastly, press the Download button and save the chart as an SVG file.

It is an easy-to-use simple SVG chart generator website. You can try it here. However, do keep in mind that it doesn’t let you import your data from existing spreadsheets or some other files. So, if you want to create SVG charts using data from a local file, consider some other tool from this list.

2] Copyicon.com

Copyicon.com is an SVG chart generator tool that you can use for free. It allows you to create different types of SVG charts including Pie, Donut, Gauge, Area, Column, Stacked Column, Bar, Stacked Bar, Line, Column and Line, Funnel, and Spiderweb. Just select a type of SVG chart that you need to create, enter your dataset, customize the output chart, and save the chart in SVG format. Let us check out a sorted procedure.

First, open Copyicon.com in a browser, and then from its SVG Chart Generator page, choose the kind of chart you want to create. After that, enter the dataset from the right-side panel. Enter the names and corresponding values including their colors in the chart. You can also copy and paste your data from Google Sheet or Excel spreadsheet.

From the right-side panel, you can also customize chart width, height, title, font type, and other properties. When done, click on the three-bar menu button present at the top of the created SVG chart and select the Download SVG vector image option. You can also preview the SVG chart in fullscreen.

It is a good SVG chart maker website. Head over to its website here to use this tool.

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3] ceagon.com

ceagon.com is another free SVG chart generator website. It is specially designed for users who find it hard to create precise pie, line, and bar charts in Photoshop. It shows all three charts in real-time in a sequence without putting in any effort or paying a penny.

Open ceagon.com in your web browser and scroll down to the controls section present in the right-side pane. Under the Data section, add the data values by clicking the + button. It plots all the values in real-time. Now, you can vary the size of the SVG chart, pie stroke, and pie donut. Finally, you can click on the Export button present below your charts and save your SVG charts locally. It also generates an URL link to the created SVG chart.

4] Visual Paradigm

Visual Paradigm is a popular chart maker using which you can generate SVG charts online. It lets you generate several types of charts that include Bar, Column, Grouped Column, Histograms, Doughnut, Nightingale Rose Charts, Control, Pareto, Radar, Rose, 360 Punch Cards, Candlestick, Gauge, Boxplots, Stream graphs, and Sankey Diagrams. You can create many more kinds of charts than these using it. It even provides some templates to draw a specific SVG chart.

To use it, move to its website in your web browser and select the type of chart you want to create. If you want to use a template, hover the mouse over a chart type and click on Browse Templates and select a desired template. Else, choose the Create Blank option. Now, you can create or edit the data table manually, or you can even import data from Excel or Google Sheets. After that, you can edit chart series, switch to another chart type, edit chart settings and appearance, etc.

It also enables you to set an interaction for your chart. For example, you can add a web link to navigate users to a particular web page when they click on your SVG chart.

Finally, click on the Export button and then choose the Save as SVG option. You can also save your charts in different formats including JPEG, PNG, and PDF.

Do note that some of its chart types and templates are available for premium users. Free users can create only limited types of charts using it.

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5] donutsvg.luckyfox.design

donutsvg.luckyfox.design is one more online SVG chart generator tool on this list. It is a simple online tool that is designed to create doughnut and pie charts in SVG and PNG image formats.

You can open its website and enter data values using the Add New Item button. While adding values, you can also edit the default color code to represent that specific value. After that, set up your chart by specifying the inner radius, outer radius, and gap. When done, click on the SAVE AS  button from the bottom of the page and select the SVG option. Simple, isn’t it?

6] ChartBlocks.io

ChartBlocks.io is a feature-rich data visualization tool using which you can generate SVG charts. You can generate vector graphics charts, embed charts into your websites, and export your charts in various different formats.

To use it, you need to sign up for an account and log in with your credentials. After that, click on the New Chart button on your dashboard. Now, you can import your data from an existing CSV or Excel spreadsheet or enter the data manually. Next, choose a type of SVG chart that you want to create from Column, Line, Area, Pie, and Scatter. Then, select one or more data series to plot a graph and press the Next button. It will create and show you the respective chart. You can click on the Download button and select SVG to save your SVG chart.

It also lets you download charts in PNG, PDF, EPS, PS, and some other formats. Plus, you can share a public URL link with other users to share your SVG chart. Or, use the generated embed code in your websites to display SVG charts.

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7] ChartGo.com

ChartGo.com can be another alternative to an online SVG chart generator. It lets you create area, bar, line, and pie charts in SVG format. Besides that, you can save your charts in PDF and PNG formats as well.

Simply go to its website and select the type of chart you want to create. Now, you can open a CSV or Excel file to import data or enter data for X and Y axes under the Chart Data section. You can then set up chart settings including width, height, background color, label orientation, title, font, etc. Once done, click on the Preview button to check the generated SVG chart. If all is good, press the Create Graph button and download the chart in SVG format.

8] codebeautify.org

You can also try codebeautify.org to create an SVG chart online. It is primarily a code minimizer. However, you can also create some SVG charts using it, such as Line, Scatter Plot, Doughnut, and Pie. You can move to its website here and then set up various chart-related options. Enter graph title, data labels, data values, type of value, and chart type. Once done, click the Create button to generate the chart. You can then click the Download button > Download SVG option to export your chart.

9] everviz

everviz is one more free online tool that you can use to create SVG charts. Using it, you can generate different types of interactive charts and save them as SVG images. You can create area, pie, bar, line, donut, column, and more chart types.

Open its website in your web browser and select the Chart option. After that, you can customize the chart type and enter your data values. You can upload an Excel or CVS file from your computer, add a link to online data, or manually enter your data values. Next, set up the chart design including the theme of your chart, and then add text and annotations. Finally, you can click on the three-bar menu button and press the Download SVG vector image option. It also lets you publish an embed code for your chart.

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10] Vega

Vega is a free and open-source SVG chart maker. It allows you to create web-based visualization charts using  HTML5 Canvas or SVG. It provides a dedicated editor in which you need to enter JSON code to create a specific chart. You can use some give examples to create a specific type of chart. Besides that, it provides some tutorials to generate SVG charts from scratch.

First, head to Vega.github.io and then open its Editor. Now, start writing commands in the code box and it will generate the respective chart. You can click on the Examples option and then choose a chart type. It will then show you a sample chart that you can edit as per your requirement. When done, press the Export button and choose SVG format to download your chart. You can export the chart in other formats also, like HTML, JSON, PDF, etc.

11] Meta-Chart

Another nice and easy-to-use SVG chart generator you can use is Meta-Chart. Open its website, choose the chart type you want to create, and select the background and border color. After that, enter your data including the name, value, series details, etc. Next, write the graph’s description including the graph title, source, and display intersection labels, and select the desired type of font. It will then create your chart that you can save as SVG. Set Export as to SVG and press the Download button. You can also generate an URL for the created chart.

It lets you generate different kinds of SVG charts including Venn diagrams, Bar chart, Line chart, Histogram, Scatter Plot, Box and Whisker, Tally chart, etc. You can use it here.

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12] rapidtables.com

rapidtables.com is a set of various tools that also include an SVG chart generator. Besides that, it also provides tools like Online Notepad, Online Mirror, Password Generator, Online Screenshot Capture, and more.

To generate an SVG chart, navigate to its Chart Maker page here and choose a chart type. You can select from Line, Bar, Pie, Scatter, and Table charts. Next, enter the graph title, horizontal and vertical axes range, data type, data labels, number of lines, data values, point size, legend position, etc. Based on entered data and chart properties, it will create a respective chart. Now, you can click on the Save as SVG button present above the chart and download the generated chart in SVG format.

13] Plotvar.com

One more option that you can use is Plotvar.com. Using it, you can create SVG charts and share them with other users via a link. It lets you create a line, bar, or pie chart, as well as lets you generate a dynamic live graph.

First, navigate to the Plotvar website in a web browser and then choose the kind of chart you want to plot. Now, enter the chart title, axes labels, series name, and data values. When done, press the Create button and it will generate a graph. You can then tap on the Download button and save your chart in SVG format.

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14] Aspose

Aspose is a website that contains various useful tools including file converters, file viewers, a watermarking tool, a flowchart maker, etc. It also offers an online chart maker that lets you generate SVG charts. You can create a line (basic or smoothed), bar, area, or pie chart using this online tool.

Just open its Chart Maker page in your browser and choose the kind of SVG chart you want to plot. After that, under the Data tab, you can import your data set from a locally saved file or simply enter your data set manually. It will plot your data in real time. You can then customize your chart settings and appearance. When done, you can click on the download button and save your chart in SVG as well as other formats like PNG, GIF, PDF, etc.

You can create an SVG chart using Aspose here.

Where can I make charts for free?

To create data visualization charts for free, you can use a free online tool that enables you to create different types of charts. Fortunately, there are free tools available on the internet that let you do so, e.g., LiveGap, RAWGraphs, Datawrapper, and Statpedia. Using these online tools, you can make line, area, bar, pie, doughnut, radar, scatterplot, boxplot, and many more charts.

Which software is best for SVG?

Adobe Illustrator is one of the best software to create SVG graphics on Windows. However, it is paid software. If you are looking for a free SVG creator, Inkscape is the best option. It is a free and open-source application that allows you to create SVG icons and images.

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