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Genshin Impact, Alhaitham, the handsome man of Sumeru, which team is cool, which weapon is good, which artifak is good!?


Tuesday, January 17, 2023, 20:53:02 seconds, Indochina time.

It’s today! at the game Genshin Impact will be updated to version 3.4. To the people of the world, of course, in this update, nothing is more important than the arrival of the handsome clerk of Sumeru. “Allay Dharma” that made Mae Yok Taewad have to pour all her heart In addition, many fathers still secretly want to go see P’Taem!

So we put the information together. When you have P’Taem, how should you play, what flags do you wear, and how do you have to build a team for the gods!

Alhaitham “Hidden Criticism” A man full of wisdom and wisdom and lives so freely that almost no one can find them A wielder of wood vision and wielding a sword, Sumeru Akademiya’s Haravatat and Clerk of Akademiya have some very interesting abilities.

at “Cosmopolitanism: the complexity of form” to doDashes forward and deals damage. along with creating “Chisel-Light Mirror” that deals a large area of ​​wood damage. (But cannot be stacked with other elements) based on the number of Chisel-Light Mirrors, up to 3.

and ult skills “Special Branch: Chains of Phenomenon” create space to makeDamages a large area of ​​wood several times. If a Chisel-Light Mirror is present, all Chisel-Light Mirrors are used to increase the number of hits dealt.

that means P’ Tam is very suitable to play in a team. “Hyperbloom and Spread” Therefore, introducing a brutal team like Alhaitham, Nahida, Xingqiu and Cookie Shinobu

Nahida Helps add more EM and DMG to the team.
Kuki Shinobu Suitable for hyperblooming and spreading applications that are very good outside the field.
Xing Chew Consistently produces Bloom Orbs and can deal additional damage.

or in the absence of the above characters or maybe wanting to use the same element character but like it more There are quite a few options.

Xingqiu can be replaced with Yae Miko, Yelan or Fischl

Sub DPS that can trigger Hyper Bloom and Spread status.

Nahida can also be replaced. Kazuha, Collei or Alberdo

Even though I can’t increase EM, but I can support Pe Tam very well.

Kuki Shinobu can also be replaced. Bennett, Kokomi or Dori

This group of characters enhances elemental reactions well. The more you play with the water element, the more healing you get.

As for the free players who want to save money because they have already paid for P’ Tam. can arrange a team of gods as well with 4-star characters that are all easily obtained Fischl, Collei and Barbara. That said, it’s not as good as whales.

Definitely the best weapon for P’Taem. It’s not out of the personal sword. light of foliar lesions Followed by a 5-star sword weapon. Ancient Jade Cutter and Haran Keppaku Futtsu

As for a 4-star weapon that works well, it’s Black Sword, Xiphos’ Moonlight and Sapwood Blade

For those who have paid all the fees You don’t have to regret that you won’t have any cool weapons to use because3 Star Weapon Harbinger Of Dawn I think it’s good to use. Let’s take the same story. But if using this sword, it is recommended that the team should have 1 shield or heal attached and must also increase the CRI Rate buff!

As for Artifax, it’s still not out of the question. Memories of Deepwood A set of 4 that increases wood elemental bonus damage. and reduce the wood resistance of the attacked target by 30% after an elemental skill or ultimate skill.

But if you don’t like it, there is. gilded dream Set 4, enhanced by Elemental Reactions It also increases attack power and element mastery if there are characters of the same element in the team as well.

And this is the way to form a handsome P’ Tam team that friends of the Taewad people can apply to each other as appropriate. Anyone who can open the gacha, don’t wait. Or can farm items and wait for someone who hasn’t Please don’t be salty!

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