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Best Nintendo Switch Settings that you should configure


Nintendo Switch is undoubtedly one of the handheld gaming consoles in the market. Its popularity was reincarnated, and since then, it gained much traction. If you are one of those users, you must configure these Nintendo Switch Settings to improve your experience.

Best Nintendo Switch Settings that you should configure

Nintendo Switch Settings that you should configure

The following are the best Nintendo Switch Settings that you should configure.

  1. Keep Nintendo Switch Storage in check using Quick Archive
  2. Calibrate Control Sticks
  3. Configure MTU Setting
  4. Configure TV Resolution Settings to run games at a higher resolution
  5. Set Bluetooth Audio
  6. Turn on Cloud Save

Let us talk about them in detail.

1] Keep Nintendo Switch storage in check using Quick Archive

The quickest and simplest method to archive files on the system is through Quick Archiving. Go to Nintendo Settings by clicking on the cog button, and then navigate to Data Management > Quick Archive. Now, you can select the game you want to archive and click on Archive Software. You must keep the storage in check as the console doesn’t come with a lot of storage, more often than not, they have 32 or 64 GB of space. In case, you don’t want to increase space, you can add an external SD card.

2] Calibrate Control Sticks

After using the Nintendo Switch for a long time, its Joy Sticks, experience substantial wear and tear, due to which the user notices a lot of false inputs. This phenomenon is called Joy-Con drift. If you are stuck by Joy-Con drift, you must reconfigure the controller. To do the same, go to the Settings of your Switch, and then head to Controllers and Sensors > Calibrate Control Sticks. Finally, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process. Do keep in mind, that you may have to do it from time as the wearing and tearing will not stop in the future.

3] Configure MTU Setting

If you need to increase the download or upload speed on your Nintendo Switch, you need to configure the Maximum Transfer Units or MTU. You can allow more data to flow at a time to ensure that you get fast internet speed.  To do the same, connect to the Internet, next go to Internet Settings > select WiFi > Change Settings. Change MTU from 1400 to 1500. Hopefully, this will improve your Internet speed substantially.

4] Configure TV Resolution Settings to run games at a higher resolution

If you want to improve the graphics of your game when running in docked mode, you need to configure the TV Resolution settings. Doing so will allow your Nintendo Switch to run at the resolution of your TV’s screen. So, if your console can only output a 720p image, whereas, the TV is apt to render a 1080p image, all you need to do is go to Settings > TV Output > TV Resolution and select 1080p. This will do the job for you.

5] Set Bluetooth Audio

Switch couldn’t always connect to a Bluetooth audio device, it got an update that enabled users to connect to their headphones. The first thing you need to do is update Switch to its latest version. To do the same, navigate System Settings > System > System Update and install the update. After updating your device, go to System Settings > Bluetooth Audio, and there you can select a device.

6] Turn on Cloud Save

One of the first things you need to do when you get hold of your switch is to turn on the Cloud Save feature. This allows your game progress to be saved on the cloud. So that if your device is stolen, lost, or broken, your progress will not be lost. To do the same, open Settings and go to Data Management > Save Data Cloud > your profile > Settings and finally enable Automatically Back Up Save Data. Do keep in mind, that for this to work, you must have a Nintendo Switch Online Membership.

That’s it!

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How do I optimize my Nintendo Switch settings?

Nintendo Switch is powerful enough to handle games available in its library. However, if you want to improve its performance even further, the best thing you can do is lower the TV resolution. Other than that, in TV Settings, you will see RGB Range, just set it to Full Range and not Automatic. You should also check other settings mentioned in this post if you to use your switch to the fullest.

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Is Switch OLED 30 or 60 fps?

Switch OLED is a 60fps device. In handheld mode, the device is capable of running at 60 fps and output 720p in handheld mode, whereas, to use 1080p one needs to use docked mode.

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Best Nintendo Switch Settings that you should configure

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