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Bing will be the default search engine in ChatGPT from now on


Microsoft and OpenAI extend collaboration, standardize plugins for their AI services, and announce that ChatGPT will use Bing as its default search engine.

Bing will be the default search engine in ChatGPT from now on
Bing becomes the default search engine for ChatGPT. | Image from Apple Insider

continue the announcements regarding the close collaboration between Microsoft and OpenAIWhat did they do to us first? say goodbye to Cortana prematurely to adopt Windows Copilot based on artificial intelligence and natively integrated into Windows 11, to now announce that among the multiple features of ChatGPT will be integrated from now Bing as default Internet search engine.

Our colleagues told us the edge literally saying that plugin interop and search defaults will be the key to the next steps of Microsoft and OpenAI with Bing and ChatGPT respectively, which already converge in a multitude of functions of both services and will continue on that path.

In fact, it’s that OpenAI will start using Bing in ChatGPT’s default searchsomething that was announced by Microsoft’s own head of consumer marketing, Yusuf Mehdi:

Our fantastic partnership with OpenAI is critical to the progress of the new Bing. From now on, ChatGPT will have a built-in world-class search engine, in order to provide more timely and up-to-date responses by accessing from the web.

This new functionality, in fact, is implemented immediately for users of ChatGPT Pluspaid subscription to chatbot most popular of the moment, enabling “coming soon” for all users of the free service through a plugin.

The idea is that just like Bing works with GPT-4 when it comes to providing us with a chat experience, now it will be ChatGPT that will include search and web data in its responses thanks to the Microsoft search enginethat in this way it will continue to extend its association with OpenAI beyond a million-dollar investment in the company.

In addition, based on the agreement reached, Microsoft is committed to using the same standard that OpenAI uses for ChatGPTallowing full interoperability between plugins for Bing Chat, the Copilot platform and ChatGPT.

But are they talking about standardizing? Is something changing in the industry?

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