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BootRacer Review and Boot: Measure Windows Boot Time

BootRacer Review and Boot: Measure Windows Boot Time


Almost every program you install will add some entries to your startup folder, resulting in a lot of programs running from your Windows after a while. This results in slow boot times and can even degrade system performance. Besides using the built-in MSConfig utility, there are some good free programs such as WinPatrol, CCleaner that allow you to disable or control launchers. But none of them measure Windows boot time.

Measure Windows boot time

BootRacer Is a free tool that will allow you to measure the time it takes to boot your Windows computer. The main function of BootRacer is complete control over Windows boot time. BootRacer automatically tracks the time it took to start the system, issue an alert if the computer slows down, and shows the degree of slowdown. It is a well-known fact that Windows slows down over time. BootRacer shows you when performance starts to degrade and alerts you if urgent action is required. The recently released version 4.5 adds some new features!

Each time you start it, it displays a countdown timer telling you how many seconds you need to wait before the computer is ready to go. This is not your usual progress bar – BootRacer scores are accurately based on your computer’s previous startup events, so you know exactly how long you have to wait before you can get started.

It does not take into account the time you used to enter your password. Everyone has different passwords, and everyone enters their own password. BootRacer does not take into account the time it takes to enter a password during login, only measuring the time it takes to boot your computer.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the free software, launch it and click Boot Time Test and restart your computer.

After rebooting, when you reach your desktop, you will see an icon in the lower left corner count down timer. This timer will tell you how long you need to wait until the full boot process finally completes and your Windows is ready to use. When it’s ready you will see green Good – Go subscribe. This means the download process is complete and your desktop is ready to go.

The following information is displayed in the results window. You will see the time it takes for your computer to boot, as well as the download speed rating.

The time is divided and displayed in the following categories:

  1. Pre-boot: Preload time is not measured
  2. Windows Boot: Loading drivers, starting services, before displaying the login window
  3. Password timeout: The time required to enter the password is excluded
  4. Desktop: Preparing the desktop and running startup programs

Pressing Advanced will show you some advanced settings and options.

bootracer options

BootRacer also stores your History so you know how your loading times have improved or worsened over time.


Pressing Speed ​​up launches your browser and takes you to SpeedUpMyPC the web page is a shareware link.

The tool is good for measuring Windows boot time, but it doesn’t say anything else. For example, I would like to see individual items and how long; each entry consumed.

BootRacer Free Download

You can download BootRacer from its home page

My Windows PC took 58 seconds Upload. In addition to Kaspersky, I have Internet Explorer, SnagIt, Hot Shut, and WorkRave as startups. Let me know how long it took to boot your PC.

Windows Boot Timer is another tool to measure Windows startup time. Soluto will not only measure loading times, but will also help you optimize loading times even more. Go here if you’re looking for tips on how to speed up Windows startup, startup, and shutdown.


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