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Bring your own device setup and settings to Windows 10

Bring your own device setup and settings to Windows 10


With the advent of all modern working environments, the need to use different devices for work and personal use has practically disappeared. Having the same device for work and personal use not only allows you to work from anywhere, but also makes it easy to switch from work to personal accounts. This whole setup is called Bring Your Own Device or BYOD.

If you are implementing a BYOD policy in your company, you will definitely save real money. Plus, your employees will feel more comfortable working from their existing laptop or mobile phone. In this post, we explained how to set up Bring your device in Windows 10.

Bring your settings and device settings

Windows 10 has built-in features to work with your work and school accounts. You can quickly set them up and start using your email and other apps with these accounts.

To create Work or School account, go to “Settings” and open “Accounts.” Now select ‘Access work or school‘from the menu on the left.

Click the “Connect” button and wait for the pop-up window to load. Enter the email address associated with your work / school account. Remember, this option only supports accounts that use Office 365 or other business services from Microsoft. Once logged in, you can use all the features of your work / school account.

If you want to log in with any other account instead, you can follow these steps.

To set up email for your work account, open ‘Mail‘application. Click the Settings icon and select Account Management from the menu. Now click on the “Add Account” button and select the type of account.

In this case, this is the Google account of the personal domain. So, choose your account type and sign in using your credentials. You can easily switch between mailboxes by selecting the desired account in the left pane. You can also write emails from any of your personal or work accounts. The Windows 10 Mail app works surprisingly well and makes managing different accounts a lot easier.

Likewise, you can access your events and important appointments from Calendar… The account you added using the Mail app will automatically appear here in the Calendar app. Or, you can also manually add accounts in the Calendar app.

This was how to set up your computer with your work accounts. You can add as many accounts and enjoy the benefits of BYOD. But we haven’t fully implemented BYOD. To do this, you may have to ask Wi-Fi password at your workplace and connect your computer to this network. And if your company provides you VPN credentials, you can also set up a VPN by going to Settings and then Network & Internet.

Implementing BYOD in Windows 10 is pretty straightforward and straightforward, and we believe everyone should use it instead of two devices.


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