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Build a GameBoy Advance SP with LEGO and now you will want one too


This Game Boy Advance SP made of Lego has surprised everyone with its incredible finishes.

Build a GameBoy Advance SP with LEGO and now you will want one too
This is the Game Boy Advance SP made of Lego

The Game Boy Advance SP it was mythical. To begin with, it was the first to have a screen that lit up, we no longer had to go to the light to enjoy our favorite games. The thing does not stop there, but it also came with incredible customization, including tribal and other types of designs on its cover. This console was very loved by everyone, which is why it has lived an unprecedented retro furor. The console has twenty years and now a user has wanted to give his own a new life by customizing it as if he were built with lego blocks.

Although in the past we have seen GameBoy The truth is that its design is brutal and it has greatly surprised everyone. It is not for less, since it is difficult not to have a craving for one of them.

Lego’s custom GameBoy Advance SP step by step

In the past we have already seen cool gameboy versions. However, this is take creativity to another level. It all starts with the creator of the YouTube channel Retro Stash Repairs going to his mother’s house to get Lego blocks for his new creation. Thus, using his childhood toys, he poses a challenge: to create a personalized GameBoy Advance SP with these blocks. For it, remove the original chassis of the console and leave only the motherboard.

subsequently makes the new interface design to integrate the buttons that included the console. The design is very interesting and it is doing it step by step in a way that It shows that it is not that difficult to carry out. The truth is that the part that involves the most risks is the one that consists of removing the internal chip from the console and then re-stacking it with the screen so that everything works correctly.

Also, to finish the job, he adds two funny eyes as if it were the cookie monster. The truth is that the console looks incredibly good in this way and I really want to get the hang of it. It’s colorful, functional, and even feels like it adds another layer of protection to the ever-battling Game Boy Advance SP.

As you can see at the end of the video, the console is totally and absolutely functional. It turns on without a problem and works just as you would expect from it. With her, her creator you can play in the most original way to the best gameboy games.

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