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Business laptops: what should be in a functional gadget


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Honor has unveiled its first laptop MagicBook Z3 14, designed for corporate customers. The laptop received a screen with a diagonal of 14 inches, an IPS matrix and a brightness of 300 nits without an increased frame rate. Responsible for performance is an 8-core Intel Core i5-12450 processor with 16 GB of RAM. The device comes with 512GB storage, a 60Wh battery and 65W fast charging. In half an hour, the battery is filled by 45%, and the full capacity is enough for 9 hours of operation. Laptop got everything you need for comfortable work: HD camera, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.1, NFC, two USB connectors (C (x2) and A), HDMI 1.4b, Ethernet port and Mini-Jack. What is the difference between business laptops and standard laptops, we will consider further.

Business laptops: what should be in a functional gadget

What attracts business laptops

Visually, models for work and business people may not differ from conventional devices. The main features of this technique in a special filling. People employed in different fields can focus on the unequal characteristics of these portable devices. Anyone who works a lot with visual content focuses on display brightness and accurate color reproduction. A lawyer will need a large amount of memory to store current affairs, archives, document templates. But there are also such characteristics that are priority in any situation:

  • Security features. Manufacturers offer: passwords, unlocking using biometric data, and some corporations also use electronic keys. An interesting option is protection from peeping. A special filter dims the image on the screen of a working laptop by pressing one key – people nearby do not see anything on the monitor.
  • Access via wireless networks. Provides the ability to be always in touch and quickly connect to the Internet. The best solutions will be models with Wi-Fi 6 and 4G LTE.
  • Autonomy and charging speed. Determine the duration of use of the laptop, the time to replenish the battery capacity. The business laptop should operate all day without being connected to a power source (at least 8 hours). It is optimal if it supports the fast charging function – up to 50% of the volume can be replenished in half an hour.
    The convenience and efficiency of a laptop is determined by such characteristics as performance, memory, keyboard. Each user chooses the appropriate device, focusing on the amount and type of work for which it is needed.
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What else should be in a business laptop

To get a comfortable and productive laptop for business, it is also important to consider:

  • Software type. The popular ones are Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, or Mac OS, but each OS has its own unique features.
  • Loyalty programs. Their availability depends on the manufacturer of the equipment. These can be special applications and programs for improved comfort during work, when exchanging information, searching for it, etc.
  • individual needs. For an IT worker – an increased amount of RAM, a powerful chipset, for a creative profession – a graphics processor that provides rendering of complex visual effects, simulation, 3D modeling.
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Improved comfort and increased efficiency for business tasks is no problem with a dedicated laptop. This approach will allow you to achieve high results in any activity. To choose a laptop for business without delay, just go to the online store.

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