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Carelessness or betrayal? Hackers publish data on the NATO summit


Carelessness or betrayal? Hackers publish data on the NATO summit

The Lithuanian police launched an investigation into the leak of secret data of NATO members.

Police launched a pre-trial investigation into a possible data breach when hackers started posting information on social media related to the organization of the NATO summit in Vilnius.

Police Department confirmed that the Lithuanian Criminal Police Department has launched a pre-trial investigation, cooperating with all institutions responsible for cybersecurity. No further details have been released at this stage of the investigation.

Hackers from the From Russia with Love (FRwL) group are suspected of hacking. According to the Lithuanian intelligence services, hackers gained access to classified information from the organizers of the NATO summit, among others:

  • information about event security systems;
  • names of persons responsible for the organization;
  • delegation routes;

The documents, the authenticity of which has not yet been confirmed by the authorities, include about 30 documents, which indicate specific hotels where the heads of state and delegations stayed, the time of arrival at airports, the names of the guards, their types of weapons and characteristics of communications equipment.

Also, the names of snipers of the Separate Special Anti-Terrorist Unit of the Lithuanian Police “Aras” were made public, the minutes of meetings of the security group in preparation for the summit were published. Cybersecurity specialist Lukas Apinis said the stolen data is not relevant at the moment, as it was leaked after the NATO summit.

Earlier in November 2022 FRwL grouping encrypted systems and caused outages several Ukrainian organizations using the new version of the Somnia ransomware. The hacktivists announced the creation of Somnia on their Telegram channel and even posted evidence of attacks on a Ukrainian tank manufacturing organization.

In addition, a team of Blackberry security researchers previously discovered a hacker group that attacks Ukrainian supporters ahead of NATO summit in Vilnius . According to experts, the RomCom hacker group used forged documents that mimicked a call for Ukraine to join NATO, one of the key topics of discussion at the summit.

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