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Fix 0x00000775 Error on Windows 11/10


When connecting the printer on Windows 11/10, do you see the error code – 0x00000775? The error usually displays a message Windows cannot connect to the printer preventing you from printing documents.

Fix 0x00000775 Error on Windows 11/10

While printers are useful devices, they are prone to errors. For example, the printer not working after Windows Update, error codes 0x0000007c or 0x000006e4, Operation failed error 0x0000011b, etc. Here we have a detailed guide just for you to help you fix the printer error 0x00000775 on Windows 11.

What is the printer error 0x00000775 on Windows 11? 

The Windows cannot connect to the printer error can occur for any brand, for example, HP, Canon, or Epson. The error usually shows up when you are using shared or network printers. So, why do you encounter the printer error 0x00000775? There could be several reasons, for example, if there is an issue with the printer driver or if it is outdated.

It could also be possible that it’s an old Printer model and so it’s incompatible with Windows 11 or the client’s OS. Sometimes, Windows may not be able to connect to the Printer due to a problem with the network connection, incorrect settings, or security settings of the PC.

How to fix Printer Error 0x00000775 on Windows 11/10?

While power cycling the printer or running the Printer troubleshooter may help in some cases, mostly, it does not. In such cases, you may want to try advanced methods that can help you to fix the issue when Windows cannot connect to the printer. Here are a few foolproof methods you can try:

  1. Preliminary methods
  2. Reinstall Printer Drivers
  3. Restart the Sprint Spooler service
  4. Troubleshoot shared network printer
  5. Modify the Group Policy Editor
  6. Change the security settings
  7. Re-add printer

1] Preliminary methods

Before you proceed with the main methods below, you must check if the printer is compatible with Windows 11 and also with the client’s OS. If it’s an old model with incompatible drivers for the latest OS, you must either upgrade the printer or set up a direct TCP/IP connection. At the same time, make sure to check all the cables connected between the printer and the computer/s.

If using a network printer and sharing it between two or more computers, ensure that the computers and the printer are on the same network and that there’s no connectivity issue. Also, if the Firewall or the antivirus is blocking the printer, you should temporarily turn off the firewall and disable the antivirus. Or, you may allow the printer over the firewall and check if this helps fix the issue.

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2] Reinstall Printer Drivers

You should also update the printer drivers if they are outdated and install any pending Windows Updates.

Printer Error 0x00000775 on Windows 11

In some cases, there could be a problem with the printer drivers and hence updating may not help, but reinstalling the drivers may help you fix the printer error 0x00000775 on Windows 11.

For this, open the Device Manager > Print Queues > right-click on your printer > Uninstall device > Uninstall Device prompt > Uninstall.

Once the driver is successfully uninstalled, restart your PC, and Windows will reinstall the latest driver automatically. Alternatively, you can download and install the Printer drivers manually from the manufacturer’s website.

3] Restart the Print Spooler service

printer error 0x00000775 on Windows 11

Sometimes, the printer may throw errors if there’s a glitch with the Print Spooler service. In such a case, firstly, you need to clear all of its content through the File Explorer and then restart the Print Spooler service via the Service Manager.

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4] Troubleshoot shared network printer

Printer Error 0x00000775 on Windows 11

If it’s a shared network printer, you can enable SMB1.0 temporarily, fix network printer errors, or modify the registry as explained in our detailed post on Windows couldn’t connect to the printer.

Once the printer error is resolved, make sure to disable SMB1.0 back again. You may also try connecting the printer to the modem or router using a LAN cable to fix the issue.

Besides, you can also create a new local port, or manually copy/paste mscms.dll to the destination folder to fix the error.

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5] Modify the Group Policy Editor

Printer Error 0x00000775 on Windows 11

If you are not signed in as the administrator on your PC and you connect the printer in such a situation, the Windows drivers won’t be installed correctly. This can, in turn, trigger the printer error 0x00000775 on Windows 11.

In this case, modifying the Group Policy Editor will help you fix the issue. Open the Group Policy Editor > Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Printers > Limits print driver installation to Administrators > Disable.

You may also change the LAN manager authentication level using either the group policy editor or the registry editor. However, before editing the registry settings, make sure you create a backup of the registry data to restore any lost data.

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6] Change the security settings

Printer Error 0x00000775 on Windows 11

Chances are, the security settings of your Windows 11 PC are preventing the printer to connect. Hence, modifying the security settings could help you get rid of the Windows cannot connect to the printer error. For this, open the Run console (Win + R) > Control Printers > Devices and Printers > right-click on your printer > Printer Properties > Security tab > change security settings accordingly to allow your PC to connect to the printer.

7] Re-add printer

Printer Error 0x00000775 on Windows 11

If none of the above methods works, first delete or uninstall the printer on your Windows 11 PC. You can then install or add the local printer back again, and this should help you fix the issue.

If Windows still cannot connect to the printer, you may want to check the domain authentication and also make sure that your device is discoverable.

Alternatively, you can use our ultimate PC repair software or repair tool, FixWin, to fix any Windows issues.

How do I fix printer sharing in Windows 11?

This means that you are using a shared printer with Windows 11/10 and it fails to print your documents. So, if your printer sharing is not working, the first thing to try would be to run the Windows troubleshooter. You may also turn off the Windows Firewall for some time if it’s blocking the printer. However, if that doesn’t help, you can try adding the printer again manually or uninstall the recent update.

What is error code 0x00000709 on Windows 11 shared printer?

You usually see the error code 0x00000709 when trying to set up or configure a printer on your Windows 11 PC. However, you may also encounter this error when trying to connect a shared printer, or when trying to set the printer as default. In this case, while you should double-check the printer name and connection, you can also run the troubleshooter. If that doesn’t help, you can try updating the printer drivers or modifying the registry editor to check if it helps.

Fix 0x00000775 Error on Windows 11/10

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