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Clone Armies v9022.12.17 MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Money, Unlocked) Download


Clone Armies is a tactical combat game with a setting based on military battles. Controlling your army to attack the opponent’s side is your mission. Build a smart strategy with a combination of troops and weapons to quickly take down any formidable opponents. Master the game and go on to conquer the next level!

Clone Armies: Tactical Army Game


In Clone Armies, the player is a talented military commander. Your army is the blue army, and your opponent is the red army. With only one or two soldiers, how do you fight? First, learn how to fight and clone troops at each stage in the game. Gun combat is the most commonly used weapon. Your army will fight hard, and even if you die, don’t be afraid. Just a few seconds later, your green army will be more cloned and start fighting.

Build yourself a strategy with the arrangement of soldiers and control them to fight. Continue the process of fighting and reincarnation to create a loop: cloning, fighting hard, sacrificing, and resurrecting stronger. The more you regenerate, the greater the number of minions when cloned. That is an advantage for your army. Each soldier has a stat on his head, and that’s its level. Corresponding to the level of soldiers, their strength is also at the same level. Upgrade your army’s strength through many iterations with an increasingly powerful army!

Clone Armies: Tactical Army Game


Clone Armies has hundreds of levels that are difficult to conquer. With each level, a rival faction corresponding to your strength will appear. They can be an army similar to yours or giant soldiers. The opposing army is also equipped with the same weapons as you. Therefore, the damage they cause is not small. Depending on each level, the opponent’s attack form is also different. Develop a suitable attack strategy such as a full-scale attack on a single target or an all-out attack. Experience a variety of fighting styles and exciting tactical battles!

In addition, players should also upgrade the equipment of their base and army to upgrade their strength. Upgrade combat guns, cannons, bullets, and tanks to support combat. Or you can also equip more modern weapons such as rockets,… Commando attacks or Rambo-style are based on your choice. Make your army more robust and become the strongest team with the best equipment!

Clone Armies: Tactical Army Game


Players can choose different game modes such as single-player mode, 1v1 multiplayer mode, or solo/co-op. Each game mode has its own rules and gameplay, and you will be given specific instructions the first time you try that game mode. Of course, that comes with multiple levels of play, which are their advantages and rewards. Single-player mode helps you become more mature in tactics the ability to deal with mid-range challenges from the application’s squad. Multiplayer mode allows you to play with friends or other players. Win with your gameplay and accumulate lots of bonus points. The higher the score, the higher the chance of participating in the rankings. Join your friends to climb to the highest positions on the player rankings!

The rewards in Clone Armies after each event and challenge are useful items that help you upgrade your army and weapons. In addition, they also help you buy items to design a complete combat formation with mini-gun soldiers, jet fighters, tanks, jeeps, helicopters, rocket launchers, etc. Join many challenges to receive attractive rewards!

Clone Armies: Tactical Army Game


  • Become the talented commander of the blue army in battle with other armies. Perfect your army with more and more soldiers and weapons.
  • The battle loop always continues when the minions die and respawn. More like that, the number of soldiers can be increased.
  • Take on challenges with hundreds of battle levels. Each level is a formidable opponent faction.
  • Build an intelligent plan to fight the enemy. Upgrade your army’s equipment and use the best weapons.
  • Get awesome rewards after challenges and events to retrofit tanks, jeeps, jets, etc.
  • Many game modes to try, especially the battle mode with many armies. With your friends, claim the king on the player rankings.

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