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complete and updated catalog of series and movies, plans and prices (2023)


Discover the complete catalog and everything you have to try Apple TV +.

Apple TV +: complete and updated catalog of series and movies, plans and prices (2023)
Apple TV + has become an option to take into account

Today the audiovisual market is dominated by streaming platformsThat is why all companies are looking to gain a foothold in the market to try to get a good profit from it. The last to disembark was the SkyShowtime catalogbut there is a very silent one, which has been working hard for years to bring us high-quality series and which lately has been on everyone’s lips: Apple TV+. Meanwhile he netflix catalog Betting on constantly having great news, Apple TV + is betting on quality.

For this reason, we are going to take a look at Apple TV +, how we can try it for free, what its price plans are and, above all, what its extensive catalog has to offer.

Apple TV+ plans and prices

shows Apple TV+ plans

These are the plans and prices you’ll find on Apple TV+

There are two ways for us to enjoy Apple TV +, each one has its advantages or disadvantages.

  • If you just want to enjoy Apple TV+ it has a price of 6.99 euros per month.
  • Wearing apple onea system that allows us to bring together different services such as iCloud, Apple Music and Apple TV +. Your cost begins from 16.99 euros per month and it depends on the GB that we decide to hire from iCloud.

However, is there a way that we can test the service to make sure if we like it or notso let’s see now how to get free apple tv+ in a very simple way.

Try Apple TV+ for free

On Apple TV+ you have two ways to enjoy the service for free to determine if it is worth paying for the service or not:

  • If you are an Apple user: if you just bought an Apple device you can try it for 90 days totally free. You simply have to enter with your Apple user in the service and you will have the possibility to access it.
  • On the contrary, if you are a user no apple products you will have the opportunity to enjoy a seven day trial.
  • If you are subscribed to Apple Music for Students offers Apple TV+ totally free.

Once we do this, the service will cost 6.99 euros per month.

Complete catalog of Apple TV +

The Apple TV + catalog is currently sweeping. They have launched two series that have had great success as is the case of “Silo” and “The Crowded Room”, so we are facing a catalog on the rise that every time attracts more attention to the general public.

  • 9/11: This is how it was lived in the White House
  • 1971: The Year Music Changed Everything
  • acapulco
  • golden amber
  • appearances
  • sago mini adventures
  • dancing for life
  • The history of the Beastie Boys
  • become you
  • better foot forward
  • black bird
  • Boom! Boom!
  • boys status
  • slow horses
  • carpool karaoke
  • Cherry
  • cycles
  • burning city
  • come from far
  • connections
  • giant creatures
  • amazing tales
  • potatoes
  • Dear
  • Jacob’s Defender
  • diary of an owl
  • dickinson
  • RD brain
  • echo 3
  • The year the world changed
  • The banker
  • The swan song
  • The sky is anywhere
  • the ghostly writer
  • The great legacy of Sidney Poitier
  • the wolf boy
  • The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse.
  • the snoopy show
  • Emancipation
  • tricksters
  • On the rocks
  • We are here
  • Extrapolations
  • Fathom
  • Finch
  • ball of fire
  • fraggle rock
  • Base
  • Ghosting
  • greatness code
  • Greyhound
  • brave
  • So
  • happy new year charlie brown
  • harriet the spy
  • Hi Jack!
  • helpers
  • high desert
  • Home
  • Start before dark
  • switches
  • Invasion
  • Jane
  • The mosquito coast
  • Lisey’s story
  • The island of figures
  • Charlie Brown Christmas
  • Magical Christmas with Mariah Carey
  • The door to your dreams
  • The Essey Serpent
  • The super league: war for football
  • Macbeth’s Tragedy
  • Life
  • God’s Drops
  • ties
  • Letter to you: Bruce Springsteen
  • Life
  • lincoln’s dilemma
  • small voice
  • calls
  • the last thing he said to me
  • long way down
  • long round
  • long way up
  • Swag
  • The Black and the Blues by Louis Armstrong
  • lovely little farm
  • Luck
  • bright
  • make or break
  • bad sisters
  • Mary’s Christmas
  • monster factory
  • mythical mission
  • now and then
  • Eight stories of empowerment
  • otis
  • Pachinko
  • clapper
  • for all humanity
  • fight before christmas
  • little zen stories
  • small wonders
  • losing alice
  • Physical
  • pineapple and pony
  • full color night planet
  • prehistoric planet
  • Platonic
  • pretzel and puppies
  • puppy place
  • Dear Edward
  • Raymond and Ray
  • Real Madrid until the end!
  • Queen of Elephants
  • resurface
  • toad and toad
  • schmigadoon
  • See
  • Sele Gómez: my mind and I
  • Separation
  • Server
  • shantaram
  • Silo
  • snoopy the astronaut
  • suspects
  • Energetic
  • surfer girls
  • Strut
  • ted lasso
  • Tehran
  • Terpia sin filter
  • tetris
  • the great con man
  • The big door prize
  • The crowded room
  • The line
  • the long game
  • The me you can’t see
  • the morning program
  • the reluctant traveler
  • the retractable door
  • the velvet subway
  • The worlds a little blurry
  • they call me magic
  • To mom with love
  • TRUE
  • viewable on tv
  • look at the sound
  • we crashed
  • Wolfwalkers: Wolf Spirit
  • I’ll take care of the beer

Some recommendations from the Apple TV+ catalog

ted lasso

Ted Lasso is a nobody. He is dedicated to coaching amateur soccer teams as a hobby. Everything will change one day, in which he will be hired to work in a professional team that will change your life forever.

Possibly one of the series that is attracting the most attention in recent times. In fact, it is clearly the Apple TV+ star series.


It is one of the best science fiction series of 2023. 10,000 people live locked in a silo since the planet has been devastated. They have been living inside for centuries, so it is not known what happened outside. Everything will change when a couple decides leave the silo voluntarily and discover that nothing is what it seems.

The crowded room

“The Crowded Room” is possibly one of the series of the moment. Hated by critics, loved by the public, its star is Tom Holland, an actor who He has a legion of fans. Accused of a macabre crime, he is going to be taken to a psychiatrist who will discover that Nothing is what it seems. The performances are brilliant and the seventies plot is very attention-grabbing. What will be behind all this crime?


Civilization is going to end. According to this series, it is a constant cycle in which the great empires grow, reach their culmination and finally they die devastated by external and internal forces. Thus, a scientist aims to try give a decent relief to the next civilization that manages to rise without the need for them to go through all the previous evolutionary stages that suppose great suffering for the human being.

In this way we are before a series high quality and with an impeccable technical bill.

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