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completely unnecessary calls to emergencies


Again, Apple’s crash detection feature registers false positives. This time, with Apple Watch and festival attendees.

The dark side of Apple Watch accident detection: completely unnecessary emergency calls
The iOS crash detection system at work.

Months ago we talked about some iPhone 14s being detected accidents that weren’t happening when their owners were on a roller coaster. It must be recognized that, then, Apple had no choice but to admit that the function was perhaps not as ready as they thought. However, they thought that by now they would have managed to fine-tune it enough.

And although that has been so for the most part, the Apple Watch is the one that now gives similar problems. according to a article published in PhoneArenasome of these devices are calling 911 on their own while their owners are at a music festival.

Accident detection returns to attack

The accident detection feature caused quite a bit of trouble for emergency services at a festival in Bonnaroo, Tennessee, USA. It seemed as many of the attendees were enjoying the performances the accident protocol for their Apple Watch was launched.

According to operation of this protocolWhen an accident is detected, the watch will sound an alarm. When pressing on the screen, a slider will appear, which the user will have to move to the right to make an emergency call. If in 20 seconds you are not able to indicate that you are okay, the device automatically calls the ER.

Apparently, the dance of the users during the concerts at said festival is what could have triggered the accident detection. The Bonnaroo emergency center asked some of the Apple Watch users (those who heard the calls, of course) to deactivate the function on their devices, which apparently greatly reduced the false calls.

It seems that there is still a lot left until the feature is fully polished. on android has been running since 2019 And while there are false positives from time to time, it seems that for now Apple’s version is still taking the brunt of false detections.

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