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Convert handwritten math to text with handwriting to math in Word, PowerPoint, Excel


Microsoft Office is known to release updates from time to time and update its versions. With each update, new features are added to the products. One such feature is Ink to Math. It allows users to convert math functions from picture to text based on font in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. We have explained this feature in detail in this article.

Ink to Math function in Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Convert handwritten equations to text format with Ink to Math

The Ink to Math feature works with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. With this function, you can convert hand-drawn math parameters to text. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Import or draw mathematical parameters in a Microsoft Office document.
  2. Now go to Draw.
  3. Use Lasso Select tool which is the second in the list of tools for selecting mathematical parameters.
  4. Press Ink to Math to convert drawings or images to text math parameters.
  5. Note that the options magically change to structured text.

What is the use of the Ink to Math function?

The Ink to Math feature is used in two ways: First, it can convert all the math text you write in a physical notebook into electronic form. Secondly, it is useful for users who draw math work on their tablets. Since it is now accepted to study using tablets, this feature becomes a boon. Imagine how many users this feature could help, given that everything that was ever written in a class could easily be converted into a typewritten book without doing anything.

Can I choose part of the math work and not all of it?

Yes, you can select part of the math parameters with the Lasso Select tool. If you find the same tricky, you can use the combination of selecting and pressing the Ink to Math button multiple times.

How to draw mathematical parameters in Microsoft Word?

You can draw mathematical parameters in Microsoft Word using the Draw tool. Click the Drawing tab in the list at the top. Then select the pen of your choice and draw the desired shape. You can also use other tools such as a marker.

How to add photo notes for Ink to Text in office programs?

You can add photos of math related notes when you want to convert handwriting to text. The procedure is the following.

  • go to Insert.
  • Press picture.
  • Choose This Device.
  • Choose images and load them into your document.
  • After that, you can convert them either to math functions or to text.

How can you create mathematical equations in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel?

While you can always enter equations, many of the symbols used for equations are not available. For example, the symbols for sigma, summation, and integration are not available at all. In this case, you can go to the “Insert” tab. Choose an equation. Then select a symbol.

Can you add Excel calculations to Word and PowerPoint?

Yes, you can add parts of Excel sheets, including those containing calculations, to an Excel worksheet. go to Insert . In the Text section, select Object. Press Microsoft Excel Workbook and choose excel sheet you want to add.

Convert handwritten math to text with handwriting to math in Word, PowerPoint, Excel

In the above article, I have shared information about converting handwriting math to text with handwriting to math in Word, PowerPoint, Excel. If you have any questions regarding the above steps, please give find out in the comments section. We will contact you as soon as possible for a solution.

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