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OpenGL Error: 1282 (Invalid Operation) in Minecraft


OpenGL Error: 1282 (Invalid Operation) in Minecraft

OpenGL error: 1282 (Invalid operation) is a common error. Minecraft . This error is especially common in the version of Minecraft with mods installed. The error message spams your chat and sometimes even turns your screen black. According to Minecraft players, this issue is frustrating and needs a quick fix. That is why in this post we will discuss this issue and see what to do if you see an OpenGL error: 1282 (Invalid operation) in Minecraft.

Fix OpenGL Error: 1282 (Invalid Operation) in Minecraft

If you are seeing OpenGL error: 1282 (Invalid operation) in Minecraft, try the following solutions and suggestions to solve the problem.

  1. Disable GL error display
  2. Make sure your mods are intact
  3. Install the latest version of Java
  4. Disable shaders
  5. Update Optfine
  6. Update your graphics drivers
  7. Reinstall Minecraft

Let’s talk about them in detail.

1]Disable Show GL Errors

Some users just see the GL error without any consequences and are quite able to play the game. If you fall into this category, then your problem will be solved by simply disabling the “Show GL Errors” option in the Minecraft settings. You will not see spam messages after making the following settings.

  1. Launch Minecraft.
  2. Open world and click on Esc (Escape).
  3. Go to Optio n c > Video settings.
  4. Press Others and then turn off Show GL Errors.
  5. Finally select Done.

2]Make sure your mods are intact

Most often, users who installed Minecraft mods on their computers faced the problem. If this is applicable in your case, we recommend that you uninstall all mods and see if the issue is resolved. If removing mods resulted in GL error spam being removed, add them one by one so you can stumble upon the actual culprit. If the reason you are seeing this error is due to corrupted mods, this solution will help.

3]Install the latest version of Java

If you’re using the Java version of Minecraft, it’s important to keep Java up to date on your computer. To do the same, you can visit a Java OEM and download the latest version or follow the prescribed steps to update Java.

  1. Open control panel .
  2. Change View to Large Icons.
  3. go to update .
  4. Press Update now .
  5. You will be prompted to confirm your actions if an update is available, so do the same and close the Control Panel.

Launch Minecraft and see if the problem persists. Hope this helps you.

4]Disable Shaders

If you have shaders that work with Optifine Minecraft, this may conflict with some Minecraft mods. These shaders can make your Minecraft look aesthetically pleasing, but they can also consume a lot of memory and CPU power. So, if you see an OpenGL error, disable shaders. Then launch Minecraft and see if you see OpenGL error spam. If the problem is caused by shaders, disabling them will help.

5]Update Optfine

If you are using an outdated version of Optfine, it is likely that it is causing the error in question. That’s why we need to install the latest version from Once downloaded, install the tool and launch Minecraft. You need to select the latest version of Optfine inside Minecraft. So, do that and check if the issue is resolved.

6]Update your graphics drivers

OpenGL works alongside your GPU to enhance Minecraft’s graphics. When updating graphics drivers, the OpenGL firmware is updated automatically. And if you’re an avid Windows user, you know how easy it is to update drivers in most cases. Now, “most of the time” doesn’t mean all the time. There is a possibility that your GPU driver is outdated, causing you to see the corresponding error message. There are many ways to update your graphics drivers, we’ve mentioned a few below, so choose one and get started.

7]Reinstall Minecraft

If all else fails, as a last resort, reinstall Minecraft and see if that helps. You can also back up the game files before installing it. Open run, enter %appdata% and click Enter. Open .minecraft and back up your saves, screenshots, resource packs and mods. You can uninstall the app, reinstall it, and paste the backup in the appropriate places. When you open Minecraft, OpenGL error spam does not appear.

How to get rid of OpenGL error 1282?

In most cases, OpenGL error 1282 is nothing but spam messages that prevent the user from playing the game. This can be resolved by disabling the “Show GL Errors” option in Minecraft’s settings. However, users have reported instances where this error message has made the entire screen black. Since this is a more serious case, there are several solutions that can eliminate several causes of this error. You should check the solutions mentioned in this post to fix the issue.

What does an OpenGL error mean in Minecraft?

OpenGL or Open Graphics Library is a cross-platform API used to render 2D and 3D vector graphics. In Minecraft, it is used to improve the graphics of the game. If you see an OpenGL error, it means that something is wrong with this API or the tools that work with it.

Above is all the information for the most detailed about OpenGL Error: 1282 (Invalid Operation) in Minecraft. Did this guide answer your question? Let find out in the comments below.

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