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Cooking Fest v1.87 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download


Cooking Fest allows players to explore the world of food, where you can read recipes yourself and complete delicious dishes. The player assumes the role of a chef and restaurant manager. You have your own brand and popularity when you appear in many articles; that’s why customers always come to you and wait. Each guest can order many dishes at the same time. The time pressure will make you feel the challenge is complex. But don’t worry as we can assist you at any time.

Cooking Fest : Cooking Games


Cooking Fest’s challenge for you is to maintain the restaurant’s popularity. All guests who come to are served enthusiastically with delicious dishes. However, the difficulty manifests in the running time gauges on the screen. The guests have no patience, and they want to be served as soon as possible. Players need a series of quick hand movements to complete this challenge.

Sometimes, empty tables make customers wait longer, appease them with some great deals. Food always has its own charm. You are a professional chef working in a five-star restaurant, improving the menu and bringing more delicious dishes to your customers. The cost of the dishes may change as you level up. The pocket will have more coins, and you can expand your business opportunities.

Cooking Fest : Cooking Games


All the dishes that appear in Cooking Fest are extremely popular. You can cook it while experiencing this game. If you don’t remember their recipe, don’t worry, we provide a list of ingredients and specific steps for you to complete it easily. Each dish has its own taste, and the price is also unique. As you improve your skills, increase the selling price and get more coins. Players will become chefs with a considerable fortune in just a few hours of work.

You should carefully observe the food ordered by the customer. The presence of too many guests can make you feel confused. They bring many different challenges, requiring speed and accuracy. After satisfying customers, continue researching new dishes and adding them to the menu. If the player can’t fulfill the customer’s request, they will walk away and give your restaurant a low rating. That can’t happen because no one wants to go to a bad restaurant!

Cooking Fest : Cooking Games


The feelings gained when experiencing the space filled with colors, and clear images of Cooking Fest make players feel satisfied. Each dish is presented beautifully based on the subtlety of each graphic line. Besides, your guests are also very diverse; they come from many places and are always patiently waiting for you for a certain amount of time. Players are also immersed in a realistic space that recreates a real restaurant scene.

You will observe the process of making the dish from a first-person perspective. Everything that happens is captured in your eyes. The time will be shown in blue, and it is next to the dishes ordered by the customer. We will warn you when red appears, and the guest is very angry. The experiences in the game all add to the experience and help you get into the habit of definitive hand manipulation.

Cooking Fest : Cooking Games


Cooking Fest can help players become professional chefs in seconds and help you show off their cooking skills. Each dish is made differently and is always presented beautifully. Players can create delicious food and serve customers but don’t forget, and you also have a duty to watch the clock and not make them angry. your guests all have many requests simultaneously; act quickly and serve them soon. The system will support you when problems occur; players should leave reviews or report different errors when experiencing to receive positive feedback soon.

Cooking Fest : Cooking Games


  • Become a professional chef in no time with a job in a famous restaurant and delicious recipes provided by the system.
  • Players strictly follow the requests given by customers, observe their recommendations carefully, and do not make customers leave the restaurant in anger.
  • You must serve a variety of beautifully decorated dishes, but the detailed recipes provided will help you complete them soon and deliver them to your customers.
  • Quick hand operation is an essential condition to be able to control your dap and stove well. You can expand the menu and get more coins from your dish.
  • Explore the world of chefs most authentically with a first-person perspective. The player has a better experience thanks to the excellent picture and sound system.

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