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Create a bicycle without wheels and the worst thing is that it works perfectly


The same youtuber who once created a bicycle with triangular wheels has now made one without wheels. And surprisingly, it works.

Create a bicycle without wheels and the worst thing is that it works perfectly
The bike without wheels created by the youtuber “The Q”.

He youtuber after the channel the Q has become well known throughout the world for its unusual creationsamong which already include a bicycle with triangular wheels, a hands-free umbrella or a homemade soda fountain. His videos accumulate millions of views, and now he wanted to surpass himself with one of his best inventions to date: a fully functional bike without wheels.

In the past, the youtuber I had already experimented creating bicycles with wheels of different shapes, and even manufacturing the smallest functional bicycle in the world. On this occasion, she has had the brilliant idea of build a bicycle that dispenses with wheels entirely as we know them.

From the creator of the bike with triangular wheels, comes the bike without wheels.

Although the vehicle does not have wheels as such, it does include two caterpillar wheels with a ribbon around themas if it were a tank. In this way, a great grip on the surface is obtained.

It is not that it is the most practical solution in the world, especially considering the maximum speed at which the vehicle can be moved (I’m afraid it won’t compete with one of the fastest electric bikes on the marketthe small contact surface with the ground offered by these caterpillar wheels and the difficulties it has in turning. However, as can be seen in the video, the bike is perfectly functional**.

As usual, the youtuber show in your video the entire manufacturing process of the vehicle, centered in this case on the creation of the caterpillar wheels and its subsequent installation in the frame of the bicycle. To conclude, he ends by proving the proper functioning of his invention and his ability to move the vehicle with some ease both forwards and backwards.

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