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Create your own minimalist wallpapers without having any idea of ​​design thanks to this free app


Gradient Wallpaper Maker is a useful application with which you can create your own mobile wallpapers.

Create your own minimalist wallpapers without having any idea of ​​design thanks to this free app

If you are already tired of the typical mobile wallpapers that everyone uses, it is because you probably have not taken a look at our yet. weekly compilation of wallpapers for mobile. But if you want to go even further, and start creating your own backgroundsToday we bring you the definitive solution.

Gradient Wallpaper Maker is a somewhat unknown application, but very useful, and perfect for all those users who want to unleash their creativity and are looking for ways to create your own wallpapers to use as wallpaper on your smartphones or tablets. We are going to tell you how it works, and how you can use it on your Android.

Screenshot of an application to create backgrounds on Android phones

With Gradient Wallpaper Maker you can create your own backgrounds easily and quickly / Image: sam beckman

Endless minimalist wallpapers thanks to Gradient Wallpaper Maker

Although it is not an entirely new application, Gradient Wallpaper Maker has only been available for a few months in the Play Store catalogue. Since then, it has amassed over 100,000 downloads, and counting.

The app has a very simple operation: as soon as you open it for the first time, we will see a gallery with wallpapers already generatedwhich we can download or apply as desktop wallpaper.

However, what is truly interesting about this application is in the section create. When accessing, we will see a editor where we can add various layers to create a color gradient that can be set as wallpaper. It is possible to choose any imaginable color, even being able to do it through the hexadecimal code corresponding to said color.

This free app allows you to create your perfect wallpaper using the power of artificial intelligence

There is also the option of generate a random color gradient, or to change the direction of the gradient. Thanks to the option to choose any color imaginable, the combinations are practically endless.

The results are perfect if you are looking for a minimal and lightly overloaded aesthetic for the home screen. In addition, since there are no elements that attract attention, the visibility and legibility of the icons is improved and widgets that are placed on the home screen.

The application can be download free via Google Play on any Android mobile or tablet with a system version equal to or greater than Android 6. It contains some ads, but they may be eliminated through a payment in app of 4.09 euros.

Download on Google Play | Gradient Wallpaper Maker

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