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Crucial P5 SSD Extraordinary,Fast…

Crucial P5 SSD Extraordinary,Fast…

Quick comes inspiration. The Crucial ® P5 redefines what is possible with technologies that change the user experience, offering incredible speed and intense data security with up to 3400MB / s of sequential reads. If you’re at your desk, in the lab, or in playing, the P5 provides the consistency and superior support that Crucial has come to expect. Engineered with NVMeTM technology, the P5 provides advanced features such as dynamic write acceleration, complete hardware-based encryption and thermal adaptive security to keep your data secure while increasing device reliability.The Crucial P5 SSD is backed by world-class Micron engineering and innovation, with thousands of validation hours and dozens of qualification tests.

Seamless Power

With the P5, easily open operating systems and applications, and games load as soon as you’re ready to spawn.

Conquer Expectations

The Critical P5 blends 3D NAND with state-of-the-art controller technology for furious read / write speeds of up to 3400/3000MB / s, breaking the PCIe ® Gen 3 NVMeTM limits.


Capable of improving data protection and management through fast, full-drive encryption, helping to secure your data without loss of efficiency.

Endurance without precedent

Performance and durability are optimised by dynamic write acceleration, error correction and adaptive thermal safety.

One of the world’s biggest storage manufacturers

Crucial is enabled by Micron ‘s advancement in quality knowledge and engineering. For over 40 years Micron has been developing some of the most innovative memory and storage technologies in the world.

Part Number
Sequential Read
Sequential Write
2TB CT2000P5SSD8 3400MB/s 3000MB/s
1TB CT1000P5SSD8 3400MB/s 3000MB/s
500GB CT500P5SSD8 3400MB/s 3000MB/s
250GB CT250P5SSD8 3400MB/s 1400MB/s


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