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CyberOK launches redtiming


CyberOK expands the range of services it provides, supplementing pentests with “redtiming” services.

CyberOK company launches new services – penetration tests in the “Red Team” mode and continuous penetration tests using the “Purple Team” model. The services complement the existing portfolio of practical security analysis services, including internal and external penetration testing, application and specialized systems security analysis.

“The experience of experts in carrying out work on the international market shows that the interaction of the “red” and “blue” teams in the course of work on security analysis brings the maximum effect for the customer. The transition from traditional periodic pentests to constant active security monitoring using up-to-date tactics, techniques and procedures allows not only to quickly eliminate vulnerabilities, but also to develop the capabilities of corporate SOCs and evaluate the effectiveness of MSSP using the “security as a service” model, Sergey Gordeychik, CEO notes companies.

Cyber ​​OK is a vibrant startup created by cybersecurity veterans to develop an advanced open source information security platform and provide expert cybersecurity services. The company’s experts participated in the creation of security products and services of organizations Positive Technologies, Kaspersky Lab, Center for Analysis and Investigation of Cyber ​​Attacks (TSARKA) and Group 42 (UAE).

JSC “Siber OK” is included in the register of accredited IT companies of the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation. The activities are carried out on the basis of licenses from the FSTEC of Russia for the development and production of confidential information protection tools (CIPF) and the technical protection of confidential information (TZKI).


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