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DeckHD aims to upgrade your Steam Deck Display to Full HD+.


Wednesday, May 24, 2023 at 4:34 PM 19 PM Indochina time.

If you’re frustrated that your Steam Deck’s display is at 800p, you may have a solution. FX Technology Limited is looking to fix that with a third-party display that adds the much-needed resolution to your Steam Deck. Valve’s portable gaming PC

The DeckHD itself is a 7-inch IPS display with a 60Hz refresh rate and 400 nits brightness, just like the Steam Deck, but the biggest difference is that it’s a Full HD+ display (resolution 1920×1200) and has 95 percent sRGB coverage, compared to the Steam Deck’s 67 percent sRGB coverage, and is similar to high-end Steam Deck models with an anti-reflective coating.

Although there are some concerns about battery life. But one DeckHD Discord server administrator said the team plans to share their findings on how displays affect battery life next week.

The Steam Deck screenshots have been a topic of debate within the community since launch. While Valve’s device can run more complex games than the Switch, But thanks to the Steam Deck’s large bezel and LCD technology, it’s frequently disabled for some users.

Valve Business Development Executive Erik Peterson talks about device screens and ergnomics in terms of fair trade.

“Having a big screen is a good thing. Although we can make it smaller which we may make it as small as a clock But you won’t be able to play any games on it and have a good experience. So it’s necessary to get a slightly bigger device and to have a bigger screen. personally I noticed that it allows another type of game to be played. Which wouldn’t be a good experience if the screen was even smaller because of it. It would be too difficult to see everything in the game we played. Peterson said last year

However, the screen is one area of ​​the machine that needs improvement. Whenever Valve decides to release an updated version of Steam, FX Technology Limited, meanwhile, says the add-on monitor, or DeckHD, will cost about $99, which it sells on its website. But you won’t be able to purchase that product right now. But there are also those who are interested in buying when the bulk of the product is on sale.

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