As an accessory for some of its high-end monitors, Dell has introduced a new soundbar in India. The system is advertised as the “slimest and lightest soundbar in the world” and is designed to be used with at least four separate high-end monitors from the brand, called the ‘Dell Slim Soundbar SB521A’.

Features and Specifications of the Dell Slim Soundbar SB521A

The Dell Slim Soundbar SB521A features powerful 3.6W RMS speakers offering a broad 180Hz to 20kHz frequency response range. For an improved audio experience, it also comes with an integrated amplifier. The unit snaps magnetically on to the aforementioned Dell displays, according to the company, allowing users to tilt, swivel and rotate the panels in either direction without getting in the way. It can be connected via a USB cable to the monitors’ USB-A ports.

The UltraSharp U2421E 24 USB-C Monitor, the P2721Q 27 4 K USB-C Monitor, the P3221D 32 USB-C Monitor and the P3421W 34 Curved USB-C Monitor are compatible with the Dell Slim Soundbar SB521A. It comes with a magnetic mount built-in that can be used to connect it to any of the displays mentioned above. With an included safety chain and an external bolt, it can also be locked-in. A 3-year warranty on the item is also offered by Dell.

Price and Availability of Dell Slim Soundbar SB521A

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