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Detective Pikachu Returns Coming to Nintendo Switch October 6th


Friday, June 23, 2023, 9:23:41 PM, Indochina time

Detective Pikachu Returns is due for release on Nintendo Switch on October 6, 2023, and pre-orders are already open, with Nintendo announcing this new franchise in 2019. Pikachu is right next door. No one can resist the cuteness of Pikachu and these Pokémon, that’s for sure.

The original Detective Pikachu game was released worldwide in 2018. The game gave Pikachu new friends and a cute voice. Turn your younger brother into a daring private investigator. And giving the game an Ace Attorney vibe, it’s more of a narrative adventure than a typical Pokemon game. Which makes sense compared to the movies that have come out.

The new installment reunites Pikachu with his friend Tim Goodman, and as the launch trailer shows, there’s a lot to be said. no matter what the plot of the game is It’s a delight to see Pikachu wearing a little hat, holding a cup of coffee and contemplating life’s mysteries. Always cute

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