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Diablo 4 guide and how to find Treasure Beast Barding


Thursday, June 15, 2023, 3:00 p.m. 41 p.m., Indochina time.

There are many cosmetic items that players can get for free in Diablo 4, including special cosmetic items that only drop from named bosses or World events. treasure beast armor Or the horse trinket is one of the Diablo 4 trinkets that can only be found by a specific enemy. Which today we are going to recommend the point of searching.

There is a set of horse armor that players can obtain from stables and PvP events throughout the district, and many horse-themed decorations often drop from Legion Events. treasure beast armor Players must pay attention to check the time of World Boss carefully and hope for good luck to happen to you.

By the way… So what is Treasure Beast Barding?

treasure beast armor It is a cosmetic item that players can find in the Mount Armors in Diablo 4. It is one of the most luxurious Mount Armors in the game. Adorned with a myriad of weapons and a combination of gold and silver that may represent grandeur. The said item can be dropped from Treasure Goblins, so it can reflect achievements, diligence, and a special skill known as “horoscope” of players better if you randomly get the armor.

Like other Mount Armors in Diablo 4, it doesn’t have any stat bonuses to take advantage of, only equipping it. treasure beast armor go on your horse From a horse without any appearance decoration No bridle, no saddle, no protective spikes. Everything will change into a horse that looks cool, fierce, not considerate of anyone …

How to get Treasure Beast Barding in Diablo 4

treasure beast armor They can only be obtained from special World Bosses, for example Avarice the Gold Cursed, where a new World Boss appears every few hours in-game. But the notification will only be displayed for players who are in the same zone. Try timing the World Boss to predict its spawn more accurately. Because it depends on the chance of dropping, so if Avarice seems to spawn go there urgently because it may not happen again for several days

Avarice the Gold Cursed is like a gigantic Treasure Goblin, holding a chain tied to a chest and swinging the chest to crush us. Two Treasure Goblins spawn whenever the boss is staggered, but treasure beast armor Will only drop from bosses that list this item or World Boss Whisper cache, not just any Treasure Goblin.

Although no one knows the exact drop rate of Treasure Beast Barding, it seems to be quite rare. Therefore, being able to drop before friends who play with it is considered that you are lucky. So who wants to have a beautiful horse costume? Wear it and try to hunt Avarice the Gold Cursed.

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