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Do you see yourself without a mobile in 2030? This manufacturer believes that this will be the case…


At Nokia, they believe that the metaverse will invade us before 2030, and that mobile phones will therefore be a thing of the past, replaced by other types of mobile devices.

Do you see yourself without a mobile in 2030?  This manufacturer believes that this will be the case...
If you work for Nokia, you need to start imagining a future without smartphones.

The truth is we haven’t been using smartphones for many yearsabout 15 or so in general, and yet surely that none of you imagine a future without the smartphone tucked all the time in your pockets, bags or backpacks.

They may be getting a little ahead of themselves but it seems that Nokia’s vision is differentbecause the European firm (which seems not to want to miss the train this time) already imagines a future without smartphones where the metaverse will be the protagonistsomehow replacing the experience that our mobile phones currently offer us.

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That’s what the classmates were talking about. Spokesman in an interesting article that gives credibility to the total commitment to the metaverse of companies such as Meta, HTC or Nokia itselfwho have neglected their smartphones to anticipate a still uncertain future and full of solutions to problems that nobody has for now.

Those responsible for Nokia say that the metaverse will become an all-consuming technology at the end of this decade, and that this will largely depend on what they can do the 1,700 employees of the European company who work on developing solutions focused on the metaverse from Nokia’s offices in Cypress Waters, Coppell, Texas.

Our belief is that this device [el smartphone] it will be overtaken by a metaverse experience beginning in the second half of the decade. Nishant Batra, Director of Strategy and Technology at Nokia.

The only reality here is that after the departure of Juho Sarvikas it seems that Nokia has not managed to straighten the course of its smartphone divisionand after its massive fall from the top of the mobile phone industry to hell at the dawn of the smartphone era, now the Finnish company does not want to miss a new train that begins its journey no matter how uncertain it may be.

Nokia plans to actually hire more staff at its offices in Texas to drive development of metaverse-centric solutionsand explains that this will be the next great technological revolution:

One way to define this is an extension of virtual and augmented reality with the potential to collect real-time data from different parts of the internet.

Extend the use of these new technologies could mean many things in many industriesinvolving everything from expanding the experience of how the Internet is used to new ways of learning or the mere idea we have of the metaverse, something like a ‘second Life’ with vitamins where an avatar of us will communicate with other people virtually and visit virtual places at will.

They say from Nokia that the panorama of an already evolved metaverse in 2030 is a palpable realityHence, they want to focus resources to be among the first to offer us these solutions, including the software that will allow you to interact in 3D space “as a metaphor for the real world”.

Curious, but now everything is practically smoke… Don’t you think?

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