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Insatiable IO Snakes v3.1.8 MOD APK (Unlimited Exp, Grow, Ghost) Download


Insatiable io snakes allows the player to control a snake and move freely inside an extensive but equally harsh world. They will meet many enemies of different sizes and try to collect items to improve their appearance. At the same time, you can use size-related tactics to influence your enemies and unlock many impressive skins.

insatiable io snakes


In Insatiable io snakes, the player controls a snake and navigates through an environment filled with enemies that are always trying to eat you. It is a world where larger snakes will destroy snakes smaller than themselves instead of disappearing because of touching the enemy’s body. Also, in this game, there are some elements that these snakes can consume and help them get bigger overtime to compete with other enemies.

The way to control the snakes in this game is straightforward, and anyone will be able to do it. The main challenge that players face is survival strategies to maintain the size of the snake they control because its long tail will be cut off at any time. At the same time, the broken elements will turn into items that the player can consume, and for sure, there will be many interesting points that you should not miss.

insatiable io snakes


When you start Insatiable io snakes, surely the snake’s size will be completely small compared to the rest of the enemies. You need to do the work to move in the environment, avoid other snakes, and eat items that you can consume. Over time, your snake will become longer and bigger to join the fight with other enemies and of course, there will be some mechanics that the player will need to pay attention to better survive.

Players will not be able to consume items that are larger than themselves, and in other words, some items dropped by larger opponents will be able to be used by you. So you will need to look at your size and pay attention to items that are the same or smaller in size to increase in size steadily. Over time, you can safely consume whatever you want and especially attack other enemies with a larger size.

Applying the above size rule, players can have a variety of tactics to harass and destroy enemies. Specifically, the smaller enemies will be quickly destroyed by you and help you become larger to continue your journey to destroy other snakes. If you feel smaller than the enemy, you should not appear directly in front of them, but you should attack from the tail. When the tail is cut off, the snake’s size will also be affected.

insatiable io snakes


Besides the basic moves in Insatiable io snakes, each snake has some impressive skills that you should not ignore. Specifically, these skills are elementary to use, such as helping the snake’s speed to launch forward quickly. It is an advantage when you can escape from surprise attacks by large enemies or follow prey that you can destroy. Sure, you’ll be able to maintain size if you’re careful while moving.

Besides the primary colors and skins of the snake, you also find many different skins to use and make your snake more impressive. Its basic shape is already remarkable and powerful in a harsh natural world, and when you add in a new skin, there is sure to be a new and captivating look in your gameplay. Indeed, anyone would love to have a powerful and impressive snake join the level.

Players will not be able to ignore the competition between snakes of different sizes:

The player controls a small-sized snake that moves inside the level and collects items to improve in size.
The mechanics are primarily related to size, and for sure, you can destroy enemies and consume items that are smaller than you.
With the snake’s size mechanic, you can surprise your opponents to reduce their size and avoid direct attacks.
Each snake has some impressive skills, such as increasing speed for a short period to run away or chase its prey.
The default appearance of the snakes in the game is stunning, and sure enough, you can give them skins to change your experience.

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