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Final Fantasy 16 hit by a review bomb “The game betrays the game’s fans.”


Sunday, June 25, 2023, 11:10:16 PM, Indochina time

after the game Final Fantasy XVI Beautifully opened It has been praised, praised, and scored overwhelmingly. But instead, it was criticized by some gamers with a bomb review score!

Although Final Fantasy XVI was able to restore its appearance in a beautiful way. Hailed as one of the best installments in the series, FF received a whopping 88 on the website after its predecessor, Final Fantasy XV, did not live up to fans’ expectations. Overall not so good But just days after its glorious debut, FFXVI has been heavily criticized by some of its fans. Plus, bombing reviews until it’s only 6.8 points left.

Most of the reasons for bomb reviews come from some fans of the game. The actual game isn’t as good as it was rated by critics and media outlets. But it’s a conspiracy to increase sales because the game is exclusive to PlayStation 5 only.

In addition, there is a reason that Final Fantasy 16 is a game that betrays fans of the FF series because the combat system of the game 16 emphasizes action combat rather than turn-based as usual in the series. As FF should be, the game itself completely loses its identity.

Some say that the storyline is not very impressive, the sidequest side story is boring. To some people who say The game itself is okay, but overall it looks half-baked.

With Final Fantasy XVI inspired by the famous Game of Throne series and the action combat system from Devil May Cry 5, FF16 is different from its predecessor. Therefore, it is not surprising that some game fans who have played many previous sectors will not be very pleased. with the changes of the game in this sector

However, there are still many fans who have rated it 10/10 and given positive reviews until the score can be increased to 7.7. This event must prove to themselves that Final Fantasy XVI is really good. As the media has really admired or not?

For anyone who is a fan of PC games, you may have to wait. Stay tuned for more news on when Final Fantasy XVI will hit the PC platform. According to the latest news, the team has started developing the game for the PC version and expects it to release at the earliest in 2024.

Final Fantasy 16 is now available exclusively for PlayStation 5.

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