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Fix 0x803f800e Xbox One Error

Fix 0x803f800e Xbox One Error


Xbox One is one of the standalone Xbox consoles that support 4K gaming with better capabilities than other devices. Some users see error 0x803f800e on Xbox One while launching games on it. Let’s see how we can fix the error and get into play mode.

0x803f800e Xbox One Error

We see the following error message when we see the error code 0x803f800e:

Looks like you need to renew your Xbox Game Pass. If your subscription is current, try quitting and relaunching the game. If you tried to launch this from a disc, check the disc – it might be dirty or damaged. (0x803f800e)

Fix Xbox One Error 0x803f800e

If you see error 0x803f800e while launching a previously bought game or from a disc on Xbox One, the following solutions can help you fix it.

  1. Check the Xbox status
  2. Check the subscription or purchase status
  3. Restart your Xbox One console
  4. Sign out and sign in again
  5. Check the disc for any damages
  6. Contact Xbox Support

Let’s get into the details of each method and fix the issue.

1] Check the Xbox status

Xbox Status page

If there is any issue with the Xbox servers, you will not be able to do anything. You cannot sign in, play games, etc. You must wait until they are back up to use Xbox services normally again. You might see the error 0x803f800e due to any issue with the Xbox servers. Check the Xbox Status and wait until they are fixed if there are any issues.

2] Check the subscription or purchase status

The error 0x803f800e is usually seen with users with Xbox Game Pass or subscribers. Make sure your subscription is active to resolve the issue and play the games you have purchased.

To check the subscription status on Xbox:

  • Sign in to account.microsoft.com
  • Go to Subscriptions and select View all subscriptions
  • View the subscriptions and see if the Gold or Game Pass subscription is still active. If it is not active, click Manage to renew it.

3] Restart your Xbox One console

One of the simple hacks to resolve issues with electronics is to restart them. Shut down the Xbox One console completely and restart it again. Then launch the game and see if the problem still exists.

4] Sign out and sign in again

Sign out of your Xbox One console from the Account settings and sign in again using the Microsoft credentials you have Xbox subscriptions on. Before signing in again, just power cycle the Xbox One console by disconnecting all the cables from the console and power sockets, waiting for a few seconds, and reconnecting them. Then, turn on the Xbox One and sign in with your credentials.

5] Check the disc for any damages

If you see the error when you are trying to launch the game from the disc, you need to examine the physical disc and see if the disc is in perfect condition without any scratches or damage on it. Just wipe the disc with a soft cloth that does not leave any scratch marks on it and try again. If the disc is not working, you must purchase another one to play the game.

6] Contact Xbox Support

If all the above solutions fail to fix the error 0x803f800e, you need to contact Xbox Support. They will guide you to fix the issue and help you use the Xbox One console to play games again.

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How do I fix my Xbox purchase error?

If you are seeing any kind of purchase errors on Xbox, first you need to check if the payment has gone through, and then see the purchase status on your Xbox. Wait for a couple of hours and see if the purchase is reflected in your account. If not, log out of your Xbox, log in again, and check the purchases. If there is no change in status, contact Xbox support who will help you out in fixing the issue.

What to do when Xbox says disc is dirty or damaged?

When Xbox says the disc is dirty or damaged, you need to examine the disc physically and see if there are any scratches on it. If there are no scratches on it, clean it with a soft cloth that does not leave any scratches on it.

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0x803f800e Xbox One Error


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