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25 Tech Business Ideas to start your IT business

25 Tech Business Ideas to start your IT business


Are you looking for tech business ideas to start your IT business? Then you are at the right place. Considering the rise of AI, Crypto, Fintech, and social media, IT has emerged as one of the most profitable businesses in recent years. From payment services to food delivery, everything is based on tech these days.

tech business ideas to start your IT business

However, when deciding your market segment of the IT industry, that’s where most get stuck. Therefore, we have come up with a rundown of the 25 tech business ideas to start your IT business today.

How can I start my own tech business?

If you want to start a tech business without investment, you must first identify a profitable niche. Once that’s taken care of, the next step would be to develop a strong business plan. Then, explore any free platforms and tools to help you get going with your new business idea.

25 Tech Business Ideas to start your IT business

You can start offering services related to your business. At the same time, make sure that you network and collaborate with industry professionals while you look for investors, grants, or crowdfunding.  However, what’s more important is that you constantly educate yourself on your niche and adapt for steady growth.

  1. Telehealth and Virtual Medical Services
  2. EdTech
  3. Biotech Startup
  4. Robotic Delivery
  5. eCommerce Startup
  6. Internet of Things
  7. VR and Gaming Arcade
  8. Cyber Security Services
  9. Digital Marketing
  10. Data Analysis Firm
  11. On-Demand Services
  12. Fintech/Crypto Mining/NFT
  13. Health and Renewable Energy
  14. Business Incubator
  15. Custom Drone Building
  16. 3D printing
  17. Data Mining
  18. SEO Agency/Web Designing Service/Software Development Service/Web Analytics Service
  19. Mobile Application Development
  20. Cloud-Based Services
  21. UX Service
  22. Live Chat Service
  23. Chatbot Creator
  24. Meta Real Estate
  25. Social media influencer/Social Media Consultancy

1] Artificial Intelligence (AI)

From chatbots to smart speakers, or picture-editing apps, AI is the latest sensation. Artificial Intelligence is artificially generated intelligence that when installed in machines can perform tasks just like a living person. So, to get going with this tech startup idea, you must either have a ready AI tool or you may design one. Some startup ideas could include a personal health monitoring device, AI content generator, AI-based e-learning platforms, etc.

2] Food Tech

One of the best tech business ideas to start your IT business in recent times would be Food Tech. From selection, production, preservation, processing, packaging, delivery, or use of safe food, it includes almost all areas related to the food business, however, with the involvement of tech. So, for a low-cost idea, you may start with a food delivery SaaS startup, launch a food recipe app, book online catering requests, and more.

3] Health services

The business sector has changed drastically post-COVID Covid and one industry that has grown leaps and bounds is healthcare services. Now, users can take advantage of healthcare services virtually over the phone, order medicines over the phone or online, and so much more. So, if you are thinking of starting your own IT business based on technology, this is one area you can explore.

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4] EdTech

With a revenue of $12.58 billion in its books, the education industry has seen tremendous growth in recent years, especially during the pandemic. Therefore, taking up online tutoring or launching an e-learning platform can be a great startup idea.

5] Biotechnology

Are you passionate about refining the quality of human life? Well, that’s what biotechnology is all about. So, suppose you have some experience in this field and have already got an investor. In that case, you may try your luck with a fish hatchery, production of biofertilizer or biodiesel, on-demand lab testing, and so on.

6] Design a CRM tool

Almost every business needs CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software these days to manage the clientele, monitor the number of prospects, and store contacts. Moreover, you can also use the tool to keep track of your prospective sales and create a report based on that info. So, delay not if you are looking for tech business ideas to start your IT business.

7] Use Robots

Did you hear of drone deliveries at your doorstep or dog-walking using robots? Yes, that’s real. The Robotics business is thriving now and this is the right time to invest in this startup idea. From providing on-demand cleaning services, and furniture repairs, or creating dedicated robotics software to teaching robotics, there’s so much to explore.

8] eCommerce Startup

With more and more people turning to online shopping, the eCommerce business trend doesn’t seem to die down soon. People have less time and they want a quicker and more convenient way to buy things, and what better than an online purchase? Creating a website and a mobile app for your online store is as easy as pie these days. So, sell anything but start soon.

9] Internet of Things

If you use your smartphone as a remote device to control lights, door locks, transfer money or face recognition, that’s what the Internet of Things (IoT) is all about. It’s a smart way of communicating between your mobile phone and the device at your home. So you may think of developing a face recognition bot, smart garage door, etc.

10] Virtual Reality (VR)

When thinking about tech business ideas to start your IT business, what is better than gaming? The craze for gaming never seems to die down and VR (Virtual Reality) takes it to another level. In fact, you can take advantage of VR not just for gaming, but also for a virtual property tour or for providing quality education to students at home.

11] Cyber Security Services

From buying clothes, accessories, or home and electronic items to paying for food,  almost everything is online these days. But at the same time, our online footprint exposes our personal details to cyber threats, and hence, cyber security is of utmost importance these days. Therefore, considering this field has a lot of scope, it is undoubtedly among the best tech startup ideas.

12] Digital Marketing

Do you have the required skills to create powerful campaigns for companies looking for online exposure? Think of a brand that has a website these days, and everyone wants to rank at the top of the search page. Even if you have a team that’s highly skilled in digital marketing and with the help of AI, just get going.

13] Venture in data analytics

Are you good with mathematics, economics, or finance? Then Data Analysis could be one of the tech startup ideas you could ponder. The Internet is a deep sea with millions of consumer data hidden inside. While Facebook is one such example where they use user data to find and suggest people you may know, the data can also be useful for anyone developing an app or software, or when implementing Machine Learning to understand consumer behavior.

14] Augmented Reality (AR)

AR or Augmented Reality is already synchronous with names like IKEA, social media filters, Pokemon Go, and more. This is one of the areas that’s slowly gaining traction and you can implement this in marketing apps, dating apps, sports apps, shopping, medicines, etc.

15] Fintech, NFT and Cryptocurrency

If you want to mix finance with tech, there could be nothing better than Fintech, NFT, or crypto mining. A Fintech company primarily deals with lending through digital platforms, crypto transactions, trading, etc. Something along the lines of PayPal, Wise, Venmo, etc.
For Crypto mining, you would not just require some good investment, but also some good knowledge about the crypto market. Or, you can take advantage of NFT (non-fungible tokens) which are cryptographic assets and make for a great investment tool.

16] Business Incubator

Among some of the other great tech startup ideas would be to help other startups to grow their business. Yes, as a business incubator, your company can offer a complete list of services that includes providing office space, and workspace supplies like internet, electricity, or management training.

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17] Build Drones

Drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) are not new and have been in use for surveillance since their launch. You can choose to design specialized drones not just for security purposes, but also for food delivery or for sports purposes like racing.

18] 3D printing startup

Do you have a 3D printer? But you also need specialized expertise to get going with the idea. 3D printing is a need for many sectors and with lower printing prices, it’s seeing consistent growth. Hence, if you have the skills, this can be one of the great tech business ideas to start your IT business to go with.

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19] Web and Software

Do you find passion in designing websites, or are you more into developing software? Both web designing and software development are in eternal demand and hence, if you have the specialized skills and team, think no more.

Those who are more into collecting and analyzing data from the web may go with the web analytics startup idea. But if you are more into SEO services, an SEO agency can be a great idea.

20] Mobile Application Development

Mobile phones are a need of the moment and with a model being launched almost every other day, what better than tapping on the mobile app development opportunity? Think of a concept and an app is already there. So, if you have a unique app idea that’s not in use yet or you can improvise on an existing idea, start developing an app today.

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21] Cloud Services

The Internet is filled with customer data and hence, companies are looking for cloud services as a safe backup option. So, you can offer a cloud technology that will provide customers space to store their data safely at a price.

22] User Experience (UX) service

Yes, providing user experience is a tech business idea that is already doing wonders with names like Airbnb, Netflix, Spotify, Duolingo, and more. While Airbnb’s booking experience or Netflix’s autoplay options are some such examples, Google Play Store or Nike’s mobile app are also exhilarating customers. Therefore, if you have skills and knowledge, it could be a lucrative startup to think of.

23] Remote working or Freelancing

One of the unconventional tech business ideas to start your IT business would be to provide your service on a remote basis or as a freelancer. If you are the office-going type, you can work for IT clients across the world from the comfort of your home, like providing content services, web designing, or software development services. Or, you can provide your services as a freelance that does not bind you into a 9 to 5 job.

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24] Chat Service

Providing customer service through live chat is a new way to engage customers and direct them to buy your products/services. So, if you have a skilled team, you can get moving with the startup idea.

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24] Chatbot Creator

Ever tried those chatbots on a shopping website when you could not connect to their human support team? Well, that’s the way to manage customer queries and volume when human support is busy.

While the above are some of the most trending tech business ideas to start your IT business, a travel agency that helps people plan a trip to their favorite destination online is also a pretty good idea. Alternatively, if you are a social media influencer with a significant amount of followers, you can be a great choice for the brands to market their products.

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Is tech business profitable?

There’s no doubt that the tech industry makes for a highly profitable business. With names like Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet, and Meta alone making over $250 billion in revenue, the tech industry is indeed one of the most lucrative in recent times. These four tech giants alone are responsible for around 16.4% of the Fortune 500’s total earnings for the year, thus indicating the industry’s financial success.

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tech business ideas to start your IT business


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