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Flowx v3.400 MOD APK (Pro Gold, Premium Unlocked) Download

Flowx v3.400 MOD APK (Pro Gold, Premium Unlocked) Download


Flowx provides essential weather information clearly illustrated by maps and charts. The maps that users receive are completely touchable and interactive according to their wishes, and especially, these maps will change depending on the weather phenomenon they want. At the same time, graphs will show a marked change in the weather in the coming days and can be observed with the widget.

Flowx: Weather Map Forecast Flowx: Weather Map Forecast


If you are looking for an application that can clearly show the weather change, then users can use Flowx. Users will be able to find the most popular weather-related stats in this app, and half of your screen will have a map. At the same time, the map is now an interactive map showing the change in the weather that will make the user completely curious and illustrate the parameters you receive.


An interesting point about this map that you can find in Flowx is that users can ultimately interact with it the way they want. You can perform tap and swipe actions to move to other areas, and of course, the weather in each area will be completely different. At the same time, the weather elements will be represented with different colors, and each color corresponds to a type of phenomenon.

Flowx: Weather Map Forecast Flowx: Weather Map Forecast


Users can find the wind direction in Flowx and many other phenomena displayed on the screen. Specifically, users can see a map with many blue colors representing the waves. Taking advantage of maps that inform each natural phenomenon will help users know the right location to perform a series of activities they want.


Besides the map, the graphs are also a factor that users need to pay attention to because they represent the weather change in the next few days. Instead of tracking parameters and making comparisons, you can a graph and see the rise and see fall of any parameter. You can also observe the application’s data directly in the application or through the widget that the user sets up on the home screen.

Flowx: Weather Map Forecast

Users will not be able to ignore useful weather information:

  • Users will receive weather forecasts clearly illustrated with interactive maps and charts to help them have different perspectives.
  • As for the application’s map, users can thoroughly perform taps and swipes to observe the areas they are interested in.
  • These maps are subject to change depending on the natural phenomena of interest to the user, such as wind direction, waves, and others.
  • Besides the map, users can observe weather changes in the following days through graphs to make the necessary comparisons.
  • The graph can appear directly within the application, or the user can set up a widget to observe changes in weather parameters anywhere.


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