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Forspoken File Size Revealed Along With Game Pre-Load Date | 4Gamers Thailand


Monday, January 16, 2023, 9:07:45 p.m. Indochina time

seer game Action RPG type open world that are about to be released The file size has been revealed along with the date. preload of the game is completed The said game will be a game of the machine. next generation console

trailer of seer It has proven how impressive the graphics will be in this game. But these high-end graphics come with a high file size. 87.275 gigabytes and players will need a lot of space on PS5 Storage by file size seer on PS5 is bigger God of War Ragnarok which is considered a pretty big game that will be released later this month

Information about the file size of Forspoken was revealed by a Twitter account. of PlayStation game size which retrieves this information from playstation store In addition to confirming that the file size of seer It will be as large as 87.275 GB at launch. PlayStation game size It also confirmed that those who pre-ordered it will be able to start preloading on January 22nd.

seer There has been mixed reactions since the game was first announced. Although it received a lot of praise for the game’s impressive graphics, there were fans who took issue with the dialogue and writing of the game. seer That’s quite contradictory to the scene. Causing many people to feel less involved in the scene. In addition, others have problems with playing games of seer And don’t believe that the game will be worth the price when released.

seer Available January 24, 2023 on PC and PS5

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