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Free AI Speech detector tool

Free AI Speech detector tool


Want to know whether an audio file is created using AI technology? In this post, we will discuss a free AI speech detector tool called AI Speech Classifier.

How is AI used in speech recognition?

Artificial Intelligence is used in speech recognition to analyze words and language and transcribe them into text. To do that, a speech recognition model is developed using AI, which is basically trained to make operating systems and applications recognize and understand content in a speech. It also includes converting it into text with precision.

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AI Speech Classifier: Free AI Speech detector tool

AI Speech Classifier is a free online tool that enables you to identify AI-generated audio. It detects speech in an audio file and tells you whether the clip was created with ElevenLabs, which is a leading developer that provides AI text-to-speech and voice cloning software. It has also recently launched an AI speech detector tool that is built on a verification mechanism to detect audio created by ElevenLabs using AI technology.

It is very easy to use and can be accessed in a web browser. Let’s see how you can use this tool.

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How to detect AI speech with AI Speech Classifier?

To use the AI Speech Classifier tool, you just need to upload the source audio to it and it will detect if the audio was created by ElevenLabs or not. Here are the main steps to follow to use this free AI speech identifier tool:

First, open the AI Speech Classifier website in a preferred web browser.

Free AI Speech detector tool

Now, drag and drop the input audio file that you suspect to be created with ElevenLabs onto its interface. You can also simply browse and select the audio clip from your PC. The audio file can be a maximum of 10 MB in size.

As soon as you upload your audio, it will start identifying it and checking whether the speech in the audio is generated using AI through ElevenLabs.

When done, it will show you the probability of the audio being generated through AI.

If the audio is created with ElevenLabs, it will display a message like “Probability: 98%. It’s very likely that this audio file was generated with ElevenLabs.”

In case the audio is not generated through ElevenLabs, you will get a message like “Probability: 2.0%. It’s very unlikely this audio file was generated with ElevenLabs, or the audio was manipulated.”

So, this way you can make sure whether an audio clip contains AI speech and is generated by ElevenLabs.

Do note that AI Speech Classifier only analyzes the first minute of the uploaded audio clip and shows results based on it.

You can try this free AI speech detector here.

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What is an example of speech recognition in AI?

AI-powered speech recognition technology makes computers and programs understand human speech. Apple’s Siri is an example of such a technology. It uses AI speech recognition in iPhones to let the OS and applications react based on voice commands. Google’s Alexa is another example of AI-powered speech recognition.

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Free AI Speech detector tool


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