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Philips has launched your perfect headphones

Philips has launched your perfect headphones


They’re called Philips x Kokoon Sleep Headphones and they’re specifically designed to help you sleep better.

If you sleep with your mobile, read this: Philips has launched your perfect headphones
These are the Philips x Kokoon Sleep Headphones, now available on Kickstarter.

There are already plenty of wireless headphones of all colors and flavors, from different brands including professional audio signatures and with a lot of different formats, from true wireless until the headband. And yet, in reality, no manufacturer had thought of this utility that many need and that Philips has finally explored through fundraising.

And it is that to see, How many of you fall asleep with your mobile phone And to avoid disturbing your partners, do you use headphones?

Well, this is precisely what the manufacturer based in Amsterdam wanted to solve, and that is that Phillips has presented in Kick starter some Bluetooth headphones specifically designed to help us sleep betterwith an extremely careful and comfortable design while we lie down, full integration with the smartphone and even software developed to improve our rest with these Philips x Kokoon sleep headphones.

They were introduced to us by friends of gizmochina confirming that indeed these headphones were already available in their markets for some time under the Philips product code N7808although it has not been until now when the manufacturer has started its international distribution by combining the efforts of a collaboration between TP Vision and sleep scientist Kokoon that no one expected.

In any case, there are many things to tell you about headphones created in a very careful way, with a slim design and fits that allow you to wear them in bed in an almost natural waythanks to its 6 millimeters thickness and soft materials, which They do not get tangled in the neck or bother us when we fall asleep.

If you sleep with your mobile, read this: Philips has launched your perfect headphones

The architecture of these Philips x Kokoon Sleep Headphones.

It is not compromised, however, a sound quality that is provided by some high level driverswith Bluetooth LE connectivity and a battery that ensures up to 10 hours of autonomy. There is no noise cancellation, but yes a masking technology that generates white noise to eliminate external disturbances.

There are more things, because they are compatible with Kokoon software that offers advanced functions to optimize and control our sleep, being able to access personalized information, follow-ups and advice or routines to improve restas Philips has integrated accelerometers and a heart rate monitor that will monitor our constants in an effective way.

There are also specific features that have been designed for those who fall asleep with headphones, and that is that Philips x Kokoon Sleep Headphones fade out gradually as we fall asleep, inducing relaxation and achieving a calm environment for that perfect transition to deep sleep. Besides, adapt to our sleep patternsso your experience is totally personalized and individualized.

If you sleep with your mobile, read this: Philips has launched your perfect headphones

Specific software to help us fall asleep, analyze it and optimize our rest.

Philips x Kokoon Sleep Headphones, prices and availability

It remains to talk about its availability, and it is that these very niche headphones are already offered for now in Kick starter exclusively, with recommended price of 175 dollars (about 161 euros) and estimated shipments for next October.

The campaign is being a success, as there are more than 2,700 patrons with over $520,000 raisedwell above the Philips target, which will only ship to the United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands and France. They won’t be easy to get, unfortunately!


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