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Gates Corporation at the center of the scandal


The giant of the Colorado industry is attacked: Gates Corporation at the center of the scandal

The Denver company independently decrypted the servers, but could not save the data of employees …

American company Gates Corporationa manufacturer of transmission belts and hydraulic products headquartered in Denver, Colorado, became a victim ransomware attack. Hackers encrypted the company’s servers and stole employees’ confidential documents.

Gates was founded in 1911 and now employs over 15,000 people. Reportedly, the cyberattack took place back in February, but only now the incident has been given wide publicity. The company assured that it did not pay ransoms to hackers for decrypting its servers and restoring their work, but was able to fix everything on its own.

However, the data of Gates Corporation employees was stolen, which the company honestly admitted, albeit after a while. Attackers gained access to information about more than 11,000 people employed by Gates. The stolen data includes:

  • names;
  • home addresses;
  • dates of birth;
  • social security numbers;
  • information on direct deposits;
  • driver’s licenses;
  • passports.

The company claims that the hackers were only interested in money, not information, and so far have received no reports of misuse of stolen data. But hackers are hackers for that, they will gladly sell information if someone is interested in it, or maybe they will post it for free in order to earn the authority of “colleagues in the shop” and prove to the company that they should have thought better about the possibility of paying a ransom .

“We take the security of your information seriously and have taken steps to reduce the likelihood of future cyberattacks, including strengthening threat detection and further restricting remote access to keep up with the ever-changing cyberthreat,” the company said in a letter.

It is not clear why the cyber incident became known only now, it is likely that the employees up to this point were not aware that their data was in the clutches of intruders. However, in Gates Corporation’s defense, the company offered free identity and credit monitoring services to all affected employees to avoid malicious exploitation of stolen data.

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