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Google’s cloud gaming platform stops working today


The day to say goodbye to Stadia has arrived, the Google gaming platform closes its doors this January 18

Stadia is history: Google's cloud gaming platform stops working today
The Google Stadia controller will continue to work via Bluetooth

The day of the end of Google Stadia has finally arrived. the company itself he had already warned us of the closing of doors of its platform of games in the cloud for this January 18, 2023day in which a new company service is added to the (increasingly) populated area google product graveyard.

Google Stadia stops working a little less than three years after its releasewhich occurred in November 2019. As of today, users of the platform they will no longer be able to access the game catalogplay those who have already purchased or acquire new titles.

By now, most Stadia users should have received the money of purchase refunds hardware and games. In addition, those who still have it will be able to continue using the stadium controller as a Bluetooth remote thanks to the new tool provided by Google.

Stadia says goodbye three years after its launch

At the time of publishing this article, the Google Stadia website it remains active, and it is even allowed to run the games from the catalog that have been purchased. However, the front page of the site displays the notice stating that The closure of Stadia will take place today, January 18.

Google announced the closure of Stadia in September last year after several months of rumors about its possible disappearance, mainly due to the poor reception by the public and the apparent lack of effort on the part of the company when it comes to promoting its service.

A few years ago, we also launched a consumer gaming service, Stadia. And while Stadia’s approach to consumer game streaming built on a strong technological foundation, it didn’t gain the traction among users we’d hoped for, which is why we made the difficult decision to scale back our Stadia streaming service. – Phil Harrison, Vice President and General Manager of Stadia

Although the video game service in transmission It will no longer be available to users, Google ensures that the technology that has given life to Stadia throughout these almost three years will continue to be used in other products and servicessuch as YouTube, Google Play or in augmented reality applications.

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